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  • April Spam is yummy!!!!

    Got something guitar-related that you need to sell? Post it here!

    All spam outside of this thread will be deleted.

    By popular demand:

    1) All spam outside of this thread will be deleted.

    2) Only one post per item per person. If you "update" your price and bump your post, YOU HAVE TO DELETE YOUR ORIGINAL POST.

    3) If you are a repeat offender you will be given a temp ban.

    4) Haggling and questions do not belong in this thread. If you have a question, send a PM to the person.

    5) Do not "quote" somebodies post with their huge photos in it. If you think they have nice gear, send them a PM.

    6) Do not criticize the price someone chooses to set for their gear. It's their gear, they can sell it for whatever they want. If the price is wrong, it won't sell, not your problem, let them worry about it.

    7) Only music related gear should be posted for sale here. If you have video games, iPods, or lawn mowers, post those in the classifieds forum, not here.

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    Double bound tele bodies anyone?

    $180 for the 3TSB, black, and trans blue. $190 for the sparkle finishes.

    5 finishes are available: 3TSB, piano black, trans blue, sparkle blue, and sparkle red.

    You can PM me here, or find it on my store.






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    • Promit
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      I am trying to sell a matching pair of BG Buckers in black/black. Looking for a simple $100 shipped; that's barely over what one costs! They are currently still installed but I don't cut leads and they are plenty long. Willing to entertain trades for other matched humbucker pairs.

      BG Buckers

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    Spring time is here ! 


    Time for a sale.  Right now orders taken between now and the end of this month get 30\% off on custom orders or any stock base price guitar. 


    Tons of options on our guitars.

    Prices are MSRP. 



    Build the guitar of your dreams now !      : )


    Dealer inquires and pricing are available as well.

     Brand new facebook page for updates and fun stuff.............






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      I've got a mim tele deluxe that I just took in on a trade. Swapped my amp for this, plus cash blah blah blah. It's black. Mint and comes with a case. Ill trade it for a tube combo, or ill sell it. Make me an offer, I'm reasonable.
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      I have a 16 ohm Celestion Classic Lead 80 I am looking to trade for a Vintage 30 or maybe G12H30.


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        The speaker is on eBay.  Perfect condition.  $50 is starting bid.


        Celestion G12P 80 8 Ohm

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        Originally Posted by Bob411

        Nice ass Mrs. Woody.


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        Fender, Mosrite, Godin guitar auctions ending today 'round lunchtime(east coast). Hit me up here if you want to get a better deal away from feeBay.



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          Epiphone Les Paul Jr.  P90.  Has a few scratches and dings here and there.  Stock.  Comes with the gigbag.  $150 Shipped and PayPal'd.


           photo 20130418_163339.jpg


          SHO clone.  Battery power only.  $50 shipped and PP'd.


           photo 20130418_163507.jpg



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            Hey all, This is the Forumite formerly known as Slunderfungus so I have been here for a while. I've been trolling the Amps forum since 2007 and even here and Open Jam for a while. I just can't get into my old account anymore.

            After 31 years of playing I have no choice but to give it up. As a result of the three bulged discs in my neck my final insult to injury is I am having neuropathy in my left arm and hand. Playing guitar is now causing me pain. I have also lost strenght in my left hand so I am selling my gear and getting back into photography.

            I have my 1991 MIJ HM Strat in Bluestone finish with maple neck/fretboard. It is in beautiful condition with no dings and only the lightest of surface scrathces that you have to really look for in the light at the right angles. It has the Keahler Steeler bridge, Dimarzio X2N pickup in the bridge, Chopper in the middle and Prtrack in the neck. 24 frets and nice low action. It has been suggested that this guitar was a special order and actually came with the Steeler, and chrome hardware. This guitar was never releife routed for a spring panel on the back over the  bridge springs and holes never drilled becausethe sustain block is so long that it would have been obstructed by that panel. The pickup ring for the bridge appears to be the very one that has been on it since it was made, and it is made from chromed steel. The tuning keys are the  German made Shaellers just in chrome. It had the Lace Sensor single coils with chrome covers and the Bridge pickup although was a Dimarzio was not the Super3. It was a medium output with a solid chrome cover and no poles but with Dimarzios Sun logo engraved on it. When I first got it I asked around thethen still active HM Strat forum and several  PMs from a few different forumites all had suggested the same thing. Will sell in the case for $550 shipped.

            Next I have my Late model Gibson GA20RVT amplifier. Hand wired on a turret board in the Gibson custom shop, this amp is in perfect condition as it has practically lived in its original box. I retubed it with JJ 6V6s and 5 Mullard RI 12ax7sI replaced the optoisolator and the upgradded the bridge rectifier so its known issues have been fixed...common problems on theseamps. It even has the original foot switch for the reverb and  tremolo. Will sell for $500 shipped

            Will take PayPal in a gift or Postal Money Orders and will consider all reasonable offeres. Thanks for looking and I will try and get some pics posted soon

            On a side note for this gear. I have been retraining into a new line of work and out of work for several years while dealing with pretty gnarly back injuries. If I can get this gear sold and get the Nikon D300 and a good 28-70 zoom and a 50mm lens I will be in a position to be able to work. I started into photography the same year I started playing guitar (12 years old) and have put as much pride into it. This camera will enable me to start making money again. Its Seniour Portrait season, people are getting married and so on. So I will even consider trades for a Nikon D300 or similar Semi Pro camera and glass.HMstrat 1.jpgHMStrat3-1.jpgHMstrat2.jpgHMstrat4.jpghmstrat6.jpg


            2012-08-10 23.18.29.jpg


            I apologize for the crappy phone camera images. My decent digi cam was taken by my wife when we split up last year.

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            • cbh5150
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              Well, the one guitar that has lasted with me the longest currently (4+ years) is now up on the block to offset the LP Sig T I have coming in.

              2008 Mira MT (maple top) - violin sunburst

              100\% original

              24 fret neck; "regular" profile

              Mahog body and neck, maple top (duh) - not quite flamey, not quite quilt...quamey ???

              Rosewood fretboard.

              New-style birds

              Gold hardware 

              PRS Mira Treble and Bass pickups (with gold polepieces )

              Original case with paperwork and candy.

              This particular one is near-mint, with only three minor issues - two of them being very small indentations (about 1/8") on the top that can only be seen up close at an angle; the other being a slight finish flake-off on the side of the fb around the 11th fret bass side - almost unnoticeable. I would give it no less than a 9.2 out of 10.

              This configuration is pretty rare - having the new birds and gold hw both is not easy to find. Had a street price new around $2300.00. I'm looking for $1450 shipped obo (lower 48 only). Paypal is our friend in this case; I won't even stick you with the surcharge because I'm that kind of guy .


              Mira full in case.JPG

              Mira outdoor 1.JPG

              Mira case candy.JPG

              Mira hs.JPG

              Mira body 2.JPG

              More pics here:


              NOT looking for trades at this time; thanks.

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            Killer, killer hand-wired boost.  This is a straight-up GuitarPCB build custom finished inside and out, even the PCB!  Super transparent tone boost with bass boost switch.


            Every part of this pedal is top-notch, from the 3PDT true bypass switch, to the Neutrik jacks, to the audio-grade capacitors, to the tested and biased (within .002 ohms of ideal) JFET.


            Metallic charcoal textured finish with 5 coats of satin clearcoat.  Krylon inside and out.


            Brand new, tested, biased and ready for a new home.



            finish detail

            Neatest wiring


            If you don't know what the Stage 3 Boost is all about, check out this clip on GuitarPCB (nearly to the bottom): http://www.guitarpcb.com/demos.htm


            $50 shipped

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            Good NewsSPAMPpP


            • GilmourD
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              warriorpoet wrote:

              Killer, killer hand-wired boost.  This is a straight-up GuitarPCB build custom finished inside and out, even the PCB!  Super transparent tone boost with bass boost switch.


              Every part of this pedal is top-notch, from the 3PDT true bypass switch, to the Neutrik jacks, to the audio-grade capacitors, to the tested and biased (within .002 ohms of ideal) JFET.


              Metallic charcoal textured finish with 5 coats of satin clearcoat.  Krylon inside and out.


              Brand new, tested, biased and ready for a new home.



              finish detail

              Neatest wiring


              If you don't know what the Stage 3 Boost is all about, check out this clip on GuitarPCB (nearly to the bottom): http://www.guitarpcb.com/demos.htm


              $50 shipped

              Oh, how you tempt me...

              Let my paycheck hit my account and then the bills come out and I'll let you know.

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            Okay, I have a few pedals for sale.  I will be adding some more later once I can take pictures, but of those shown below, I'd be interested in selling (all prices include shipping and paypal):

            Boss Fender Reverb:   $85

            Fulltone OCD (I believe it's gen. 3): $90

            Lovepedal Babyface Tremolo:  $85



            Not pictured, but I can get some photos later:

            Lovepedal Rubber Chicken Env. Filter:  $100

            Rocktron Black Rose Octaver:  $85

            Tech 21 Boost DLA w/Tap Tempo  $110

            I'm also contemplating selling my Agile AL-3000 which has all updated electronics, a bone nut, well done fret dressing/levelling, DiMarzio 35th Ann. PAF pickups, etc.  I'm still trying to decide on a price.  Maybe $450 with the case?  Has some minor wear from playing, and the pickguard has been removed since photo was taken (but I can probably track it down and put it back on)




            I'll add some more items later tonight I'm sure, but in the meantime, if anything interests you, let me know!


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            • NeverIsAPromise
              NeverIsAPromise commented
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              I love this guitar, but I have another Benford custom and just want to get something else.  The guitar is in excelent condition just a few minor dings.  I payed $1250.00 a few years ago.  I'm looking for $750.00  PM me for more pics.



              Benford full.JPG

              • 2 piece mahogany body
              • 5A Flame maple top
              • Black Angre contrast stripe
              • Birdseye maple neck
              • Ebony fingerboard
              • Flame maple binding w/Angre contrast stripe
              • Flame maple headstock overlay
              • 15 degree headstock angle
              • Flame maple & Angre truss rod cover
              • Matching mahogany backplates
              • All Access neck joint
              • EMG 81 & 85 pickups
              • Master Vol/Tone
              • 3-way switch
              • Electrosocket 1/4 jack
              • Grover locking tuners
              • Floyd Rose trem
              • Mother of Pearl offset dot inlays
              • 24 fret, 25-1/2" scale
              • Black hardware
              • Dual action trussrod
              • Hand rubbed satin poly finish
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            A bunch of pickups. Questions? Please ask. No trades at this time.


            1) Peavey Wolfgang USA neck pickup, no markings, little bit of oxidation/rust on the poles, tons of lead left. No other hardware (screws, springs, etc).

            $60.00 shipped/PP/CONUS


            2) Seymour Duncan Everything Axe set; Duckbucker/Little 59/JB Jr.. Received this in a trade, only the Duckbucker was installed as a bridge pickup--tons of lead left, the other two look like they have never been used. Everything is there; boxes, screws, spacers, etc.

            $199 new, $125 shipped/PP/CONUS


            3) Lace Sensor Hot Gold pickups: I have two, black bobbins. Tons of lead left. Screws & springs included.

            $45.00 each or both for $85 shipped/PP/CONUSP1000823.JPGP1000840.JPGP1000843.JPG

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              I'm selling a Jet City JCA100H head. These are essentially Soldano-designed Chinese clones of the Hot Rod 100+. Phenomenal amp but the 20W EL84 version is more than enough amp for me right now. Excellent condition, includes footswitch and power cable, original box. I am looking for $350 + actual shipping + fees, or best offer. PP Gift or not is buyer's discretion, fee value is $10. Shipping seems to vary between $2 and $50 depending on where you are. 45 lbs shipping from 21239 if you want to get a number. PM if interested.

              Jet City heads

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