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"Vacation" Guitar, sort of....

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  • "Vacation" Guitar, sort of....

    The wife and I are in Bradenton, Florida this week to celebrate our anniversary and look into possibly buying a condo for our "golden years". The owner of the house we're renting had an Eagle acoustic in a corner strictly as a decoration. The high E string and bridge peg was missing. I played it, was surprised it was VERY playable and held tune. Went to the nearest Guiutatr Center, got new pegs and strings. Voila, a guitar to play whilst sitting by the pool. I think I'll try to write a new song......

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    Sometimes things just fall right into place .That's great


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      Cool. Sitting by the pool in Florida, stumming a six string. I should be so unfortunate.

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      • BeanoBoy
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        We found a killer condo. Put in a bid. We've got our fingers crossed....... Pretty nice down here. Definitely more laid back than the NY/NJ/CT Tri-State area we're from.

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      Florida does have its merits...
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      • Mad Tele
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        thought there'd be Go-Gos

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      I hope that is true for you both over the long run. Just make sure you're not setting yourself up for a "grass is always greener" sort of let down. My regular experience in Florida is that there is plenty of "tri-state" style attitude there. Particularly on the off season.

      Regardless though - congrats on the vacation guitar score and the possibility of your bid getting accepted!
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      • BeanoBoy
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        We've got several friends down in Florida from the Tri-State, so there's PLENTY of Tri-State attitude there, lol. We found a Pizza place tonight that was owned by a New "Yawka". Loved the pizza and the New "Yawk" vibe. We're basically ready to relax after many years of hard work. Nothing's perfect though, we're looking forward to the warmer winters and we'll deal with the snowbirds. Thanks for the advice and rooting for our bid.