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My 1978 Ibanez Artist 2630

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  • My 1978 Ibanez Artist 2630

    I purchased this guitar the other day. This one has a burstbucker and seymore duncan pickup installed, and the wiring may have been reversed so that the secondary switch affects the bridge rather than the neck pickup. The guitar is in great condition for being 35 years old. It looks like it had a fret dressing recently, neck is straight as an arrow. One small complaint is that I wish the 1-5 frets still had some more height to them under the high strings - I like to bend a lot there, apparently so did its previous owner. Not terribly low but I suppose I should consider a refret within the next five years or so. Now before I tell you what I paid for this guitar, can any of you shed any light on what it may be worth?

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    Not sure if it's just me but no image is coming up


    • allthumz
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      I don't see anything either. The page isn't loading quickly.

      I hope you paid nothing for that! ;-)

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    Oops! I'll figure that out later, sorry guys


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    I have a '78 2630 that I have owned for 20 years. Great guitar.  It is the predecessor to the AS200.  I believe the stock Ibanez Tri-sound switch affected the bridge p.u. only for out-of-phase and coil cut.  Value is tough to estimate because there are not a lot out there.  About $2K is the most I have seen and always over $1K if the guitar's condition is not a big issue.


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      Thanks surf90. Could you clear up my confusion with the switching by any chance? IE what position combinations do what? I hear the biggest difference when the pickup selector is in the middle and the little switch is up - sounds outta phasey. But when just on the bridge pickup o hear little difference with the little switch. Does phase/coil tapping depend on the other switch as well?

      There seems to be no change when on only the neck pickup, which seems right.


      • Surf90
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        My 2630 does not have the stock pu's and tri switch installed although I have all of the stock parts.  It seems the Tri switch affected the neck pu.  Yes I believe it should be 3 positions: one for coil cut, one for pu in series and one for out of phase.  Check the link below:


        Under $1K seems like a great deal today.

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      Also, the tri sound switch only has two positions, but I read that there should be three?

      BTW, I paid 850


      • benzem
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        Great deal. Leaves you some room to refret.


        All orig they go for around 2-2.5k. Yours about 1500.


        I have an '81 AS200 that is stellar.


        Enjoy! Great find/taste in guitars.

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      Yeah I don't know what the deal is, mine only has two positions, maybe it was replaced, if so I'm really not sure what it does. But I suppose knowing what it sounds like and when to use it is what's most important.

      I think the choice of p'up replacements was a good one - burstbucker neck and seymour-Duncan bridge. Not sure which model the Duncan is, and the burstbucker could be anything for all I can tell. But the sound is amazing