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  • Hot or Not? May 11th


    Sinuous SD-22


    Sinuous Guitars was not interested in designing and building another knock-off guitar; they felt the world didn't need any more of those. Instead, they approached this with a process that Charles Eames help develop 50 years ago in the furniture industry and, in the end, they feel they have a guitar that has a very sculptural form with a comforting feel and performs like something defined as an "instrument" should perform. The true difference is in how the guitar body conforms to your body. It gets rid of that feeling of playing a plank of wood and feels very natural. Some guitar manufacturers try solving this by cutting out the backs of guitars for comfort, but you can only cut so deep because it is a flat board. The process Sinuous uses allows the bending of the solid wood body into a shape that hugs your body and also rolls away where you do not want it to hit you, all while keeping the guitar thin and without unwanted weight. And the process is repeatable at an affordable price.

    The design process for Sinuous Guitars comprises a blend of computer meets handcrafted, manufactured meets old school, utilitarian meets high design. Through ergonomics Sinuous strives feel to create an intimate relationship between the player and the instrument; creating something special and truly authentic is their continual goal.

    At Sinuous, it is understood that not everyone prefers the same frets, pickups or even color. So whatever your special request may be Sinuous will do their best to deliver your Sinuous guitar exactly the way you want.


    - Body shape: Sinuous double cut dual humbucker
    - Wood: poplar
    - Top: American hard maple - painted versions, flamed maple - vintage and red colors, Santos Palisander

    - Wood: hard maple
    - Scale: 25.5"
    - Frets: 22
    - Fret size: 6105
    - Attachment: bolt on with threaded inserts
    - Nut: graphite, 1.68"
    - Fingerboard: rosewood, maple
    - Inlays: none

    - Material: conversion varnish
    - Sides and back: gloss black
    - Front: painted - gloss, flamed maple - gloss, Santos Palisander - satin
    - Neck: painted, clear coat





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    Hardtail, would not.


    • ugameus
      ugameus commented
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      Hot.  I would rock the hell out of that thing.

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      Not hot. Sorry.
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      • Jkater
        Jkater commented
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        These things, either they fit prefectly or they don't all. But if it fits, wow. HOT.

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      It might be Hot, but I can't tell with these bizarre photos ...


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        I would need fret inlays, otherwise pretty impressive. Hot.


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          Not. Visually there


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            Hot, though I'm a bit afraid it would sound like an Eames chair. 

            Also, looks like it has quite a blocky heel


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              I wonder how that would feel... The wood grain and finish is hot.
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              • gardo
                gardo commented
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                Sorry I guess I'm too traditional  

                not for me

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              For all its boasts about ergonomics, that's quite the blocky heel between the neck and body.  I'd have to play it, but it doesn't really grab me.

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              • benzem
                benzem commented
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                Not. Nice guitar, just not for me. Like the hard rock maple neck tho, like a few of my old ibanezes.

                Needs trem at least.

              • frankthomson
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              Hot isn't the first word to pop into my head.... more like different.  But there's something intriguing about it.  I think I would.

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                I think it looks quite remarkable. How it sounds and plays, quite another thing I suppose. However..very easy on the eyes.....HOT.





                • Marko
                  Marko commented
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                  Hot enough. :manhappy:

                • Pine Apple Slim
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                  AlamoJoe wrote:

                  I think it looks quite remarkable. How it sounds and plays, quite another thing I suppose. However..very easy on the eyes.....HOT.