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Old 60's/70's Teisco guitars

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  • Old 60's/70's Teisco guitars

    Anyone have one? Are they worth picking up for cheap and fixing up, or are they pretty much stinkers all-around?
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    Ive got a few, all of them are sucky at best with one of them being decent enough to play slide with. All cool looking though. Some of them can be really good players, but most are trash.


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      most are stinkers
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        Calling them Junk is being Kind.


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          Its a shame that the ones shipped to the States are all crap, because the ones made for the Japanese market were supposed to be nice.
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          I dont understand any of 'em.

          If it has strings and plays, and makes a noise, I'll play it for whatever.

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            So not worth $15 and whatever it takes to get them up and running?

            I thought it was going to be different;It turned out to be(,) just the same.


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              Cheap? Go for it man. Don't let other people tell you how much a guitar is worth to you to make it playable. Enjoy it.
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                They are kind of fun to have, but not to play.. I've had several and made a pretty good profit when I sold them because there are a lot of sentimentally minded baby-boomers out there that would like to have their first guitar back.
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                  They are cool looking but that's about it. I've had a couple and they are not worth it.

                  The only way of making them playable is by replacing almost everything on it, including the neck. if you can get a cool looking body for dirt cheap, and manage to fit a custom neck, that another story
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                    The higher-end ones could be very decent. But most of them were unplayable junk right out of the box. Warped, unreinforced necks made of mystery wood, horrible fretwork, unusable intonation, pickups that actually sounded great but were essentially microphones that fed back uncontrollably.

                    The Japanese were not always synonymous with quality workmanship. With a few exceptions (like cameras and Sony products) most Japanese goods imported here in the 60s were on the level of the crappiest Chinese and Indonesian products today. Think "Harbor Freight" quality at best and Soviet Union quality in general. That didn't start to change until the mid 70s.


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                      All three of my Teiscos say "bite me!".

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                        I have a '65 single pup DelRay. My dad's first new guitar. Real brassy, ballsy pup. Neck like a ballbat. Cool stripes aluminum pickguard. I like it. Will I ever rid of it? Nope. Like my other '65 (crappy old Strat) it belongs in my family and it'll stay here.
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                          Dont have pics of all mine as most are in pieces awaiting one day to be put back together and hung on the wall, but the ultra rare zenon is the slide guitar.


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                            Yeah, I had a Kawai variant. Nice sounding pickups but the build quality was awful. The body was probably plywood and the metal parts were terrible. I wouldn't waste your time or money. Old USA Peaveys are the way I'd go...


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                              They were among the first guitars I had along with Vox and Kay. You bought these things as Sears, JC Penny, JM Fields and the like. I have a soft spot for them, but you really have to like them, I don't think anyone of the US shipped ones will ever be valuable, unless you wait a long time, like Planet of the Apes long time.

                                Two biggest problems I have had is that most did not have a compensating bridge, though a very few did, but that is no biggie to replace. The other problem could take a higher tech skil. Some of there necks had no truss bar so if those are badly warped neck is pretty much toast. Mine had a truss but necks were utterly round in the back, like a baseball bat.Necks like that will cramp and exhaust your hand, but if you are okay will pulling the necks off flattening the back down some and re finishing the wood it will help alot.I build both complete modern instruments as well as medieval ones, so its soemting I have done, but like I said you have to like them. Still if you get any guitar for like 20 bucks there is a way to turn it enough to get more than you put in, at least material wise. Just what I think though.


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