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  • Hot or Not? May17th


    Warrior "The Christ - The Anointed One" JDRAN Custom

    DM Neck: Aged mahogany w/ purpleheart tone bar

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    Artistically speaking and specs wise, that's awesome. That said, I don't particularly dig a pic of a guy getting executed on my guitar. Seems a little to much to me.
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    • gardo
      gardo commented
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      Not for me ,a little too rustic,if that's the right word.

       I'm trying real hard not to make this a religious discussion so I just have to say

      "no thanks"

    • FrankenSteinberger
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      kayd_mon wrote:
      Artistically speaking and specs wise, that's awesome. That said, I don't particularly dig a pic of a guy getting executed on my guitar. Seems a little to much to me.

      If Vernon Reid's guitar had an image of Martin Luther King Jr., as he lay dying at that motel in Memphis, I doubt anyone would be saying that it was, "a little too much.

      That said, I suspect Jesus would prefer that the guitar-playing members of his flock not spend multiple thousands on dollars his carved image, but instead that they purchase a reasonably priced instrument and use the balance to feed and clothe the poor. 





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    No comment ...


    • Tone Deaf
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    It might be hot after I took a belt sander to the top of the body.  Otherwise, not. 


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      Uh.......Did this escape from a Robert Rodrigreuz Prop Room? Looks like something from either "Desperado" or "From Dusk til Dawn".





      • lz4005
        lz4005 commented
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        True story: I saw this exact guitar in the Warrior booth at summer NAMM a few years ago, I even stopped and took a picture of it. Thing is, I didn't realize it was a picture of J-dog until I was editing my pics days later.

        At the time I thought it was an abstract dragon or something because they had it sitting vertically on a table, 90 degrees counterclockwise from that first picture.

        I felt sort of dumb, but also sort of proud that I didn't immediately get it.

        All kidding aside, it goes to show that when you do any kind of graphic on a guitar you have to make sure it looks right both vertically and horizontally.

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      Good timing GD! This goes right with the "playing in church groups" thread we have going.

      I'm trying real hard to like it.  I appreciate the craftsmanship that went into it and all, but honestly, I think it's quite ugly.

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        oh dear


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          This is so bad it could be a GWAR prop.


          • D Carroll
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            I'd love to play it dressed as satan while handing out copies of the Karan.

          • Jkater
            Jkater commented
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            uh... no. 

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            I like everything about the neck (cosmetically that is).  I kind of dig the thorns inlay.

            The body . . . meh.  Not anything to do with religion, it just looks tacky to me.


            • guitarcapo
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              Reminds me of this sort of thing.

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            • ugameus
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              I like the back and the bucker covers.