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Looking for specific guitar, Alvarez Yari DY74

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  • Looking for specific guitar, Alvarez Yari DY74

       Years ago I bought an Alvarez Yari acoustic from Kay music on Preston Highway by Southern High school Louisville Kentucky. It came with a case that had a very distincive purple interior. The Guitar itself was also very distinctive. The Owner of the shop had sent it back to the factory to fix where he had attempted to electrify it. It is a right handed guitar with an eye shaped plug on the top where it was repaired.

       It walked off much to my dismay. I was wondering if any one has seen it. It would have likely been purchased from a pawn shop somewhere between Kentucky and Michigan, from there I have know idea. If you have seen this guitar I would appreciate it if you would drop me a line.

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    Good luck finding your guitar. If it surfaces in South Florida, and I somehow see it, I'll let you know.
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