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Favorite Electric Guitar Neck?


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  • Favorite Electric Guitar Neck?


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    If this hypothetical 60s LP has the same neck profile as modern Gibson 60s slim necks, then I'd say a guitar with that same profile!

    The neck on my CP Jazzmaster is quite nice, too. I guess that's a Fender modern C.
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    • RedJamaX
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      I tend to favor the Thin-U (found on a lot of LTD models)...  Recently picked up a PRS SE Santana with a wide-fat neck which is very comfortable, but I think I still like the thin-U better.

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    I can get on with just about any neck shape, except for really narrow spaced ones - rickenbackers are really uncomfortable to me, for example. That said, my favorite necks can be found on my PRS DGT, Tyler Studio Elite and Gibson 57, 58 and 59 reissue Les Pauls.
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    • docjeffrey
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      If money were no object, I'd be looking at a Custom Shop VOS '60 Les Paul (plain top, of course). I have one, and it has the most comfortable neck I've ever played. I love feel of the VOS finish, and it has very nicely tapered shoulders that don't cut unto my bony hands. Nice C shape with the same width as most other LP's (1 11/16"), but the thin binding allows a bit more room on the fretboard than regular production line Thin Taper necks which have thick bindings and thick nibs over the fret ends. 

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      And my 1960 VOS:




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    • Special J
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      My favorite would have to be Hamer's "Vintage Carve", which is similar to a 50's Gibson shape. I also love the neck on my '57 reissue Strat, and the most recent '52 AVRI Teles. 

      I can get on with most necks though. Like GD, I'm not a fan of Rickenbackers, or at least the few that I've actually tried. I haven't found a PRS that I've gotten on with either, and don't like exceptionally thin necks like an Ibanez Wizard Neck.

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    A fat 50s neck. Every year I want the necks on my guitars to be fatter so I can play everything with my hand wrapped around the neck instead of putting my thumb on the neck.


    • Into Nation
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      I love the PRS wide/fat necks.  So much easier for me to play a long time without getting lower thumb pain.

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    GittlerGuitars wrote:






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      Mid eighties USA Jackson

      Best feeling neck I've ever chocked.

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        DaveAronow wrote:

        Best feeling neck I've ever chocked.


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      Two wide-thin necks -- on my old Gibson MIII Standard and on my Ibanez SZ520QM -- are amazingly comfortable and feel just exactly and perfectly right for me.

      I also love the Slimtaper D profile neck on my Dot Deluxe.  It's a very different feel from the wide-thins, but it's really good.

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        My favorite necks are on my '08 LP Standard Plus... fairly chunky, asymetrical... and on my Hamer Echotone.  Feels a lot like the LP.

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            In answer to the OP's question, I'd ask a question.
            Do want something different or similar?

            I like mine to be different. Variety is nice. I can get on with about any neck as long as it is true, plays well and has decent fretwork. So having some different things is a nice change. Don't feel like I'm just playing the same guitar but with different pickups.
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              Late 59 or so LP, though I really prefer a 25.5 scale length.   I haven't found a strat neck that I've been totally happy with, though I've played a couple of teles that come close.


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                I prefer them big: as in minimum of .835".  Right now, I'm loving my Tele which has a Warmoth Fatback neck (1"). 

                If you love the 60's slim neck on your Les Paul, why get a different neck?

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                  I'd clone the neck of my thinline. 1.75" nut with an SRV profile back and 10-16" compound radius fretboard. Bare naked wenge <3
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                    My favorite necks are on my 1956 Gibson ES-175D and 1952 ES-150.


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                      Jackson compound radius and BC Rich necks are my faves. 

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                      • GloomGenerator
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                        Since I've been playing 7 strings for...13 years now (?) I am accustomed to wide necks. Anything "small" feels terrible to me.

                        When I play a standard guitar, I like anything that might tempt you to looks for a Louisville Slugger logo somewhere on the neck. There was this Hamer semi-hollow that I was in love with but never bought. Thing had a neck that was *really* thick.

                        But I always play with my thumb on the back of the neck, so I don't know if anything is really too large if you play that way. Seems guys that complain about large necks are trying to wrap their thumbs.