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How is this guitar sound achieved? :D


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  • How is this guitar sound achieved? :D

    As a Pixies fan, I love a lot of how Joey Santiago plays, and hearing this song yesterday by The Vaccines (not a fan, but, y'know) made me as a newbie guitarist want to know how that's done, as it reminded me of wanting to try this. Ok, sustained thing at 0:27 -


    Best way I can describe it is it's sort of slightly feedbacking/slightly pitch bent. But I'm not a guitarist, so some thorough dumbed down answers would be much appreciated! " id="smiley" src="https://guitarcenter.i.lithium.com/i/smilies/16x16_smiley-.png" alt=":smiley:" title="Smiley Very Happy" />

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    Sounds like just a note (two notes at the same time to be exact) being bend. Some vibrato as it's ringing out. Nothing special in terms of effects or skills, just a loud dirty amp...


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      Kind of sounds like a tele.

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        Done with the second and third string, two frets apart bending the third string up to the same note as the second string.