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  • Dale fortune guitars

    Anyone know about these guitars? supposedly Dale worked with Leo Fender,

    I have a strat made in the mid to late 70's

    It is an inredible guitar, the neck is like a 50's strat, kluson tuners as well also the wood is "aged" and even looks like its 40-50 yrs old.

    The tones are like a vintage strat, a buddy of mine who played with Black oak Arkansas (Alex Among) after Shawn Lane (God bless his soul one of the greatest players of all time) Had a Fortune strat as well and it was his fav too.

    I bought this thing out of the recycler back in 81 for a measly 175.00.

    I have 21 guitars and its one of my two favorites. I have done searches and no luck...........anyone know of Fortune guitars?

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    FORTUNE GUITARS...... may just be a coinsidence but check out the current E-By listing # 320352511000


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      FORTUNE GUITARS...... may just be a coinsidence but check out the current E-By listing # 320352511000

      Wtf, it looks like you're just trying to subtly spam this thread with a guitar you have for sale.

      Edit To OP: Anyway, I haven't heard of Fortune guitars, but this Brodi guy apparently has an Acoustic version from them in his eBay listing.
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        I know Dale from the Rickenbacker forums.I think he used to work for Rickenbacker also.He is a very well respected luthier,Rickenbacker expert and all round nice guy.

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          I know Dale from another forum. He's going to build my next guitar.
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            Dale Fortune was never an employee of Fender nor did he make any guitars or basses for them. The only thing close was he copied their logo. You'll also find the first 100 Jim Kelley amps with the Fortune logo on them instead. He was pretty much run out of Orange County for his guitar "ethics" Now i see the link above says he was arrested. This does not surprise me. He ran several scams on me and last i heard was building part time while driving a UPS truck in Portland Oregon.


            Buyer Beware!!!


            • sasquatchgeoff
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              Editing a comment

              Dale was a one-time employee of Fender. Dale also worked for Rickenbacker. He is a master luthier, probably the likes of which most ordinary people will never see in their lifetime. I feel very fortunate (no pun intended) to call him my friend. He was not "run" out of Orange County. He has retired from UPS. The arrest was a complicated mess that arose from his psychotic neighbor (I have seen the neighbor). Hopefully, since most of it has blown over, he can continue doing what most clients consider him the best at: Building and restoring Rickenbacker and Fender instruments.

              In spite of slanderous remarks in this thread, I know him to be a stand-up, family man who has his head screwed on correctly, unlike many folks I encounter these days both in cyberspace and terra firma.

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            He was an employee of Rickenbacker as a younger man.


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              Hey.I just bought one that was bult in 1981.This guitar was a special order for the lead axe man of supertramp.I bought it on eaby for 500 w?/a vintage Fender tweed case.I'm hearing they are pretty sweet guitars.Mine has an ash body and a beautiful figured maple neck and Brazilian rosewood fret board.

              I cant immagine this guitar playing badly,its even got a bound neck!I will add a cooment after I get it.Its on its way to me in Boston from Arizona.Peace.P