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Gibson 57 pickup opinions

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  • Gibson 57 pickup opinions

    Ok, I am looking at the Gibson 57 Classic and the Plus just for my bridge position. I am not to concerned about clean sounds with the 57 as I am looking for a thick distortion tone. I looked around on the forums and found some interesting opinions based on guitar build and wood type but as it will be I play a unique guitar and none of the comments pertained to me as I play a 24" short scale H-H with a alder body and maple neck. So,,, if anyone has any experience with the 57 Classic and the Plus keeping in mind my guitar, what can I expect from each and what are the differences in the 2 pickups. Thanks

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    I have them on my LP and I love them but then I don't really play with high distortion so my opinion is somewhat irrelevant to your question. 57 + is higher output so maybe that works.

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      Gibson 57s are some of the asskickingest pickups out there. They sound great with distortion.

      As for for using them with a shorter scale, you might benefit from a brighter pot, since shorter scales sound a little darker.
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      • soundcreation
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        I've got one in the bridge of my les paul.  It's pretty nice.  Gets a great hard rock tone maybe even basic metal....not high gain modern though obviously.  Good round tone and very nice clairity of notes.  Not the best of the humbuckers that I have...that honor would have to go to the greco humbuckers in my old greco les paul custom...but very very nice.

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      I'm thinking most guys who have/want 57s don't want them for a fat distorted tone. They're a low output PAF type, which needs a LOT of gain to get you into HEAVY territory.


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        I like them on my LP Traditional.  Haven't compared to the million options out there, other than the pickups on other LPs I was trying when shopping for mine.  I like the slightly edgier, more "raw" tone vs. the Burst Bucker Pros, and l liked their lower output, less aggressive tone compared to whatever model was the the LP Classics I tried.  Not really an A/B, but I did try multiple Les Pauls with each of those three and I like the 57s the best all around.  They do sound great overdriven to my ears, but I don't really play with super high gain.