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24" scale length Fender Jaguars


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  • 24" scale length Fender Jaguars

    I popped into GC yesterday while doing some running around and grabbed a MIC Modern Player Jaguar from the wall and I found it to be a fun guitar that played quite nicely (considering it was grabbed form the wall at GC and had those horrible feeling strings on it!)


    I'm not too familiar with the idea behind this scale length and if there are any special considerations to be had with it.  Looks like Jags were a beginner guitar, is that why it had a smaller scale length to accomidate smaller hands of younger folks?

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    Yes. They are made for 13 year olds.
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    • Mad Tele
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      no they were made for Surf. the scale is about the same as Gibson's  24 vs 24.75


      regular Fender scale is just so long anything less seems short. 


      the mustang was the kids guitar at 22" scale


      but to call any of these (mustang, musicmaster, dou sonic) a student guitar is meaningless today.  for example the 5E3 Tweed Deluxe was considered a student amp when it came out because it wouldnt stay clean at gig volumes. 

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    In 1962 the Jaguar was Fender's top of the line.  Fender wasn't the first company to build an upscale guitar with a short scale neck.  The Gibson Byrdland had a 23.5" scale.  The Byrdland and Jaguar were both designed with fast single string lead playing in mind.

    The Fender Duo Sonic had a 22.5" scale.  The mid-1960s Fender Duo Sonic II and Mustang were available in both 22.5" and 24" scales.  The 22.5" scale Duo Sonic IIs and Mustangs are fairly rare.  Most are 24" scale.  The Fender Bronco and Jaguar were only available in 24" scale.


    • nick fury
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      The shorter scale facilitates fingering difficult chords etc. Jaguar was never a student instrument, as a matter of fact when it was released, it was Fender's top of the line guitar.

    • dgo ratt
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      Ted Nugent, Brian May just to drop a few names have been using 24" short scale since the 70s. Yes Stranglehold, Cat Scratch Fever, Hey baby, Another on Bites the Dust, We Will Rock You all played on a short scale, There are some small guitar companys around who offer short scale guitars of a different flavor if you get me