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  • Rock in DADGAD

    This tuning is awesome.

    Trying to find info about it on the net, youtube, etc, has turned up a lot of celtic / irish / indian music, and it's mostly people fingerpicking on acoustic guitars in a classical style.

    I was wondering..has anyone used this tuning to good effect in rock/metal music?

    It's actually not that far off from normal Drop-D tuning...you still have a lot of the easy power chords in the first 4 strings, and it's very very very easy to play Add9 power chords I'm noticing.

    Also the great thing about dadgad is you can easily tune the g string down a half step to get Open D tuning, and down a full step to get Open D minor tuning.

    But anyways, about DADGAD. Anyone use this tuning for rock and metal music?

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    Kashmir, LZ.


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      Aye, but one song..

      I wasn't really asking has it been used before, but more like has anyone here who plays rock/metal experimented with DADGAD?


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        A lot of Pearl Jam Rythms are in DADGAD or DAF#GAD. Daughter is one.
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          Beckman wrote:
          A lot of Pearl Jam Rythms are in DADGAD or DAF#GAD. Daughter is one.

          Daughter is actually in a variant of open G (the low d is tuned to the G); I wonder why this mistake has been made so many times in this thread, the tunings aren't that similar. I'm fairly familiar with Pearl Jam, and I can't think of many of their songs that are in DADGAD, except Given to Fly. A few are in open D (like Even Flow), but not many.

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        Keith plays a lot in open D.

        He plays even more in Open G.
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          Isn't some of the Alter Bridge stuff in DADGAD?
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            "That's the Way" by Zeppelin. There are other tunes Page did in that tuning as well.
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              Isn't some of the Alter Bridge stuff in DADGAD?

              I believe so. Tremonti used the tuning a lot back in the Creed days, and it does show up in certain Alter Bridge songs.

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                almost all metal is tuned down like that, not necessarily to drop d like you have it, but to an extent, alot of the newer rock thats coming out is in that tuning, i play in it all the time, its just like a 1 finger power chord then
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                Nicepwnt, not so nicely, I might add.

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                    Well, not quite...Several songs on Neil Young's first solo album are in double-drop D (DADGBD). The best known ones are Cinnamon Girl, The Loner, and The Old Laughing Lady.
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                      Did Dean DeLeo use it on a lot of STP and Army of Anyone stuff? I could be wrong.
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                        Thanks for the responses.

                        I actually want to know if anyone on these forums who plays metal/rock uses DADGAD at all, or what they think of the tuning, how it could be useful, etc. What's your opinion of it, not what bands have used it.


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                          A few of my originals I do in DADGAD, one of which is sort of a heavy fusion instrumental prog piece.

                          I think its a pretty useful tuning, especially if you are employing drone type pedal tones. The caveat to using the tuning is you likely want to have a guitar dedicated to it completely, as you want to use heavier strings to make up for the decrease in tension on the neck. Your gonna want to set up the neck/truss rod/intonation properly for the tuning.

                          The way I get around this, is i use a Variax, so i just flick a switch and the tuning changes and my neck stays the same.
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                            "That's the Way" by Zeppelin. There are other tunes Page did in that tuning as well.

                            I thought it was open G... could be wrong. "White Summer" I believe was a DADGAD exercise in self-indulgence.
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