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  • NAD - EVH 5150iii

    So it's official, I can't complain about my rig at all anymore

    I haven't had a chance to really let it loose at home yet, but they have an isolation type room (totally silent) at the store I bought it from and I let it rip there... Probably my favorite amp I've ever played. Compared it to some Orange, Peavey, and Engl stuff and this thing held it's own/I preferred it. Does a nice clean, blooz, Van Halen crunch, and brootz. I'll take more pics later with my Steve Morse Y2D. I can also carry it around which was pretty important.


    Gotta break in the speakers, anyone have any recommendations for that or just play the thing for a while?

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    Of former LesPaulFetish fame.Music man Y2D/MIM Strat w/DiMarzio Fast Track II -> EVH 5150iii 50 watt and matching 2 x 12

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    Congrats, love the white covering, too.  Hope you get a chance to crank it up soon!

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      Now that looks nice. HNAD!

      When I get a new amp or speaker, I play a riff through my looper pedal and go to work. The speaker is good to go by the time I get home!
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        Very nice. Those are 50w right?