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Vintage Silvertone?????????


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  • Vintage Silvertone?????????

    Hi Everyone, I'm trying to date my old Silvertone I found in the back of my closet. From what I read,I think it's a coral between 67/69 "amp in case" model. The serial number is a 4 digit number and based on that it looks to be 1966 but I don't think they started making these till later, but I could be wrong. Either way this guitar plays and sounds awesome. I put a shim in the neck and set it up and it plays way better than I thought it would and it Sounds even better. Anyone have any idea's on date please let me know! Thanks

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    Man that thing is just classic. It looks to be one of the ones made by Harmony but they usually have Dearmonds not lipsticks. I have a 60's Harmony H-19 that has been severely modded with a bigsby, toaster pickups, gotoh tuners and a schaller roller bridge that sounds like no other electric you ever heard. I also used to have a bobcat or silhouette that looked a little like that one (body shape) that I regret selling. Never had the slightest clue how you would date one however.
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      This guitar was made by Danelectro for Silvertone(Sears} in 1967. the model is 1452.

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    Take off the pickguard; there is probably a date stampted on the back of it:


    64 silvertone



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      This thread is 4 years old and the OP hasn't made a post in 3 years.

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