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I'm having more problems with my guitar, i could use some help from you knowledgeable guitarists!

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  • I'm having more problems with my guitar, i could use some help from you knowledgeable guitarists!

    So I bought some Guitar Grease not long ago, and it was staying in tune perfectly fine. But than I decided to raise my guitar's action because I was getting a really annoying buzzing sound from the low action that was on it previously. I raised my bridge higher and now when I try to tune the strings, they bounce from the center of the tuner, (which is perfect pitch) to a couple of steps flat followed by a couple of steps sharp. I did get the strings tuned at one point, but when I tried playing some chords, they sounded off. As if my guitar was still not tuned but when i would go and check, they were tuned well. Hopefully all of this made sense, i'm pretty bad at explaining things. lol any help would be much appreciated.

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    Take it to a good tech and have it set up properly- it does not sound like you know how to do this yourself and you are not improving things by dinking around with it.

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      Did you raise the action so much it throws the intonation off?

      If you marked where it was put it back and only raise it a 64th" at a time untill the buzzing stops

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    honestly, what you are describing about the tuner bouncing sharp to flat sounds like one of two things... you have old strings... or a weak battery in your tuner... try fixing both of those first

    As far as  each string being in tune but the chord sounding out-of-tune, that's because your intonation changed when you raised the bridge.  you will need to look that up on google, there are lots of instructions and videos on how to set your intonation properly.

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