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    I've dealt with Rondo before and loved it. Never done anything with guitarfetish.

    Everything from cables to guitars, how does their stuff hold up?

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    I haven't really heard of any GFS stuff failing over time too often. I have a set of Fat PAFs (the original version of the currently named Fat PATs) that I bought 6 years ago, no problems there and I can't complain about the tone for what I paid. I also have their 9v portable amp, it sounds OK for what it is, but the onboard tuner is garbage and the lackluster "distortion" drains the battery quickly. I used to have their stomp box tuner as well, it was fast tracking and easy to see but I traded it to a buddy for an eq pedal he had laying around gathering dust.

    When I ordered the mini-amp the first one died on me shortly after I got it. I have no idea what happened with it, but they exchanged it without much hassle, although they never contacted me to tell me when they received the broken amp, and they told me that the replacement was being shipped back, but not until a day after I had already got it. The e-mail support was pretty lacking compared to how it was in the past, but it wasn't a nightmare or anything. The replacement amp has worked flawlessly for the last 6 months I've had it.
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      Get yer ponchos ready...


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        They aiiite. The one thing I really like from them is the multiple guitar stands.
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          Here since 2008

          Never heard about GFS?

          Does not compute.
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            I have bought a few things from GuitarFetish.com and its all well! The guy who runs the site is on here every once in a while. Everything goes smoothly just like at rondomusic.com.

            I have bought from them twice. They have amazing pups, but no matter what you order you should throw in a cheap cable or two. They are very nice and super cheap!!!
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              I'm having my first experience with them now. Came to know about them from info posted here. I recently got a Gitano LP (in my avatar, good guitar too!) and wanted to stick some P90 type pups in it. I got a pair of Dream 90's from them and one came without the pickup trim ring mounting screws. An email to them and they were in the mail the same day with delivery confimation. That's "Super Service"! When they get here I can "reconfigure" the Gitano and see what these pups are all about. I need the mounting screws because I'm going to put the Gitano pups in another guitar and I need the gold screws. The fun is about to begin!



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                I really like GF. They've had great, quick service everytime I've used them. Some of the hardware isn't the greatest but hey, it makes sense when you see the prices. Shipping costs seem to be a little high too.
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                  GFS has some pretty solid parts at some very tasty prices. I bought a set of tuners for my parts guitar from them, and they are very good tuners for the less than $30 I paid for them. I got one of their "cheap" prewired pick guards. I would not recommend them, the pups in them are rather muddy, being they are not GFS's pups.

                  I have GFS pups in two of my guitars, a set of crunchy pafs (too hot IMO) and a vintage 59. They're not in the same guitar, but the v59 compares favorably to the SD 59 I have. The GFS pup is good enough in the guitar it's in that I don't even care to bother a/b'ing them in the same guitar.


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                    I really like the Surf 90's. I have a Fat PAF in my son's Peavey Predator plus and it sounds pretty good. My daughter's pink strat has a set of the cheap vintage alnico strat pickups and they sound nice as well for the price point. Some of the other parts, i.e. bridges and tuners are available cheaper here though:


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                      I bought a brass trem block from them. It worked great and was like 70 bucks cheaper than I could find one anywhere else. Never bought anything else from them, but I had a positive experience with my one purchase.


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                        GFS rocks, I've ordered some awesome upgrades for my cheap-ass guitars from them. And I just ordered one of those hum-sing-sing pickguards, some 10mm tuners and roller string trees for a Strat project I'm currently working on. I hope all goes well with it.


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                          I can recommend them for parts and pickups.


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                            I've dealt with Rondo before and loved it. Never done anything with guitarfetish.

                            Everything from cables to guitars, how does their stuff hold up?

                            i ordered quite a large batch of stuff from them a few months ago and a lot of it was just junk. I ordered the 'analog' delay pedal which was a complete tone sucker, a pedal power adapter that rattled when i shook it, and a gfs tuner that didn't save its settings whenever you stomped it on or off (not sure if its intended to do so but still very annoying). the random other stuff i grabbed were fine (cheap short pedal patch cords, a tele bridge with stainless steel saddles etc)

                            i will not be ordering from gfs again.
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                              I tried out several of their pups models and was very disappointed, especially with the minihumbuckers. I never got the whole "good for the price" argument. I wouldn't run out and buy dog **************** just because it's on sale.

                              On the other hand, I was very impressed by their Mean 90s. Great pup for just pocket change. Their customer service was top notch when I dealt with them as well. Friendly, helpful and the owner was frequently on these forums answering questions, although lately I've read a lot of posts complaining about it now.

                              I've always been curious about buying one of their guitars as a modding project but there are basically only two types of reviews posted about them here...

                              1) Beginner players or teens that buy them as their first or second guitars and gush over how amazing they are and every bit as good as the best Fender and Gibson Custom Shop offerings.

                              2) Guys that buy them, point out numerous faults and claim they're worthless or at best, fall back on the "good for the money" argument.

                              "Attention shoppers, dog **************** blue light special on aisle five!"

                              If I saw one at a store, I'd surely give it a try to see if its worth modding and make up my own mind but I don't think it's worth sending in a couple of hundred bucks just to find out, especially when there are many other good, inexpensive, guitars in the market.