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NGD!! Univox Les Paul Jr!


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  • NGD!! Univox Les Paul Jr!

    I can't contain my excitement so I have to make this into its own thread (I'll delete the other post)

    picked this up off ebay for $380 shipped. 1970s era Univox LP Jr copy. even came with the original case and key!

    this guitar freakin rips! it blows away my 90's MIK epiphone LP double cut and lots of the newer Gibson models I've played in the store I work at. The pickup has a vintage gibson p-90 vibe - super clear and somehow gritty as hell at the same time. I have a newer gibson p-90 in my epiphone and its quite harsh, not this one though.

    the body is a one piece, 3 piece neck - probably a laminate top and back - but solid as hell and definitely all mahogany. the neck is nice and wide but I don't think its as fat as the gibsons.

    the neck has two internal bolts under the pickguard but it appears to be glued as well - as you would never know it isn't "set"

    looks like the bridge has been replaced but I dont care - intonation is perfect.

    If I had known it would be this solid I would have easily paid $500 + for it.

    These seem to not be as rare as the other 70s era copies - but definitely worth it for anyone looking for something similar.
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    Awesome...since you answered my question from the other thread, I'll just say...



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      Even the title of this thread is sexy
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        Lucky you. Looks cherry, congrats and enjoy.
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          WOW!! Tres cool, nice job!!
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              HNGD, beautiful chunk of wood. Enjoy!
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                  Killer man. Enjoy!


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                        That is SEXY!

                        I've been gassin for a doublecut.




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                          Very nice. I can remember in the mid 70s when Univox guitars filled the Pawn Shops. Nice guitars, but all us kids wanted Fender and Gibson. I wonder where they all wound up?
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                            Congrats, I like the whole vintage vibe that kit has going for it.

                            I've found that pickups really do take on the character of the wood underneath and I've had Gibson p'ups sound a bit harsh when I've slapped them into an Epi as well, but usually "harsh" is not a term I'd use to describe the newer Gibby P-90s.

                            Good wood just wasn't as much of a rarity in the '70s so I'd bet that's where most of the good tone is coming from, well that and I'd say you're probably correct about the pickup being good too.

                            Only thing bugging me about the whole visual are those gold knobs. If you're sure they're original, I might leave them on, but I'd like to see that guitar with some black knobs on it, either bell or speed.

                            But congrats, that's a guitar I'd love to have a chance to play myself. A 40 year-old guitar is going to have plenty to say.
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                            Well Dick, it's got a good beat, and I could dance to it, so I give it a 10!
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                              yea the knobs definitely aren't original. I kind of like the contrast though TBH. I feel like the pickup was replaced becuase the pole screws are shiny an the rest of the screws on the guitar are rusty and older looking. oh well. I think I'm gonna drop some silly cash on a 50s gibson p-90 soon enough
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                              Red Bear MK 60
                              Carvin 4x12 with 90s BR12 speakers
                              JCM 800 Lead 4x12 with G12-65s