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Vintage 70's/80's Dimarzio Super Distortionm issue, need advice

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  • Vintage 70's/80's Dimarzio Super Distortionm issue, need advice

    In a nutshell:


    Old pickups, Sound KILLER.

     Very noisy, squeals, feedaback very badly unless you kill the volume on the guitar.

    Tone is MAGNIFICENT.


    Am I SOL on this one? Is this one of those "Magic before failure" types or can it be re-dipped?

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    Is there a difference between recent Super Distortions and original Super Distortions?  They are a simple pickup -- a Gibby style humbucker wound close to PAF specs that uses a ceramic magnet instead of a AlNiCo5 magnet.  


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      Couldn't tell you, but it sounds very different. Another example would be a newer Lynch pickup from SD... my old one SLAYS any silkscreened one I've installed into  a guitar.