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Vintage BC Rich Mockingbird + ESP M-II + Amplitube in action together

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  • Vintage BC Rich Mockingbird + ESP M-II + Amplitube in action together

    Hi everyone,

    I'm new here in this forum. I like to play metal for fun - just at home, not professionally. I was looking for an inexpensive way to do home recording, and after some research, I decided to use GarageBand as the DAW (it's free after all) and Amplitube for the metal tone. I tried Pod Farm, but I didn't like the guitar tones - so I switched to Amplitube. Since I had already invested money on Pod Farm, I decided to use it for the bass sound. 

    I have several guitars and after testing all of them, I decided to use my handmade vintage BC Rich Mockingbird for the rhythms (it has DiMarzio pickups) and ESP M-II for the solos (active EMGs). I used a vintage Yamaha Motion B bass.

    I put a video on YouTube with a song I recorded with the setup above. I plan to continue recording more videos as time allows, but I wanted to get you guys' opinion about the overall sound. I'm not a recording expert. If you have a moment, could you guys let me know what you think? Here's the video:




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    Given the hour and a sleeping partner, I couldn't turn up, but it sounded very good, if a bit sanitized.  While that is *really* not my type of music, I can't help but wonder if some of those guitar sounds would benefit from ambient miking .... is that out of the budgetary picture?


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      Damn thats good. As a man who grew up with 80