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Monoprice making guitar stuff?


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    They've added pics of the Goldtop now ...


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      What's interesting is the fact that the monoprice has the same headstock as the original Agile Strats (which they don't have any more)

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      Response from John from American Musical Supply on why I have received 2 used/damaged Korg M3's and 1 reboxed M3 from Guitar Center (a.k.a. why I'll never buy from AMS again): Footfall wrote:What you're experiencing with these units is the result of our warehouse crew intentionally "overpacking" this product.Current Korg Gear: KRONOS 88 (4GB), M50-73 (PS mod), RADIAS-73, Electribe MX, Triton Pro (MOSS, SCSI, CF, 64MB RAM), DVP-1, MEX-8000, MR-1, KAOSSilator, nanoKey, nanoKontrol, nanoPAD 2


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        Anyone know how much shipping is on a guitar? Damn I am a sucker for cheap guitars. I like that gold top.


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          After receiving a shipment from Monoprice today (that took 12 days to arrive) I got to thinking: did those guitars ever make it to in-stock status? Turns out they have ...


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            I considered getting some speaker wire for my stereo from Monoprice, but ended up going with some Belden and Canare from Blue Jeans Cable.

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            The discussion about nitro (and many things on forums like these) is largely based on folklore, innuendo, and assumption that it "sounds better". Poppycock.


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              I recieved one of those honey burst Les Paul-like Vinatge 66 guitars the other day. Very impressed with the quality for only $129. It shipped very quickly. Really does feel like a Les Paul custom guitar.


              Like it so much I also ordered one of their honey burst Strats too.

              The only downside is the Monoprice label on the head stock. They could have come up with a better looking logo or have an option to change it to something else.

              If you switched it with an actual Les Paul logo, most people would be fooled. Thats how good the guitar looks. Plays well too.



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            Okay, the suspense was killing me, so I ordered a Route 66 (LP-type) last week.  It showed up on Friday, but I haven't really had time to mess around with it.  Monoprice made some changes to the model; they removed the platsic "Rhythm/Treble" switch gasket and the pickguard.  They also added a heavier-gauge string set.  These items were the most-panned features of the original model, and Monoprice takes customer feedback very seriously.

            The fret edges are a little sharp; they need to be hit with a little steel wool, or a fine metal file.  The pickup selector switch is a little stiff, but seems pretty solid.  The knobs and caps are pretty smooth.  The chrome of the bridge and tailpiece are just "average" in surface finish, but are otherwise solid.  Likewise, the chrome covers on the pickups are "adequate" in appearance.  The tuners look pretty cheap (as is often the case with low-end guitars) but they turn quite smoothly and seem to stay in tune pretty well.

            The neck is straight and has a cofortable, solid feel.  I've mentioned before that I am not a neck zealot; I have guitars with varying neck shapes, scales, and depths and I can move between all of them with relative ease.  There is no neck buzz and fingerings are solid all the way up the neck.  The nut is well-cut and positioned; the (larger-gauge) strings seem to sit well.

            Two curious things about this model.  First, it's a bolt-on, which should not be a dealbreaker for most, but it may seem odd for an LP type.  Second, while the body and neck are adorned with a very-attractive cream binding, the headstock is unbound.  It gives a rather odd look to the guitar.  Not bad, just odd.

            As I mentioned, the binding is really nice (belying my unfounded assertion from last year), the inlays are neat and the finish is out of this world.  The paint job and finish are flawless!  I don't know what someone woud charge you for just a body that was built and finished to this quality, but I'm sure it would be a good deal more than what this guitar costs.  That being said, the body is really solid and quite heavy.  I think it's close to nine pounds, but I haven't weighed it.

            Again: I haven't really played too much so I can't give a critical appraisal of the sound of the pickups or quality and interaction of the controls.  The pickups are not noisy and do have a recognizable humbucker sound.  So far, I am impressed.  Here are some pics ...


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              Wow that does look like a very sweet guitar. I actually like the revisions they have done. Made it look less like a Les Paul but have added some nice style. Interesting that they listened to complainants and fixed a few things. Still putting your own favorite strings will still be done.
              Very nice!
              Now I'm tempted again to get another.