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Gibson Les Paul Standard 2013 - Any Reviews?


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  • Gibson Les Paul Standard 2013 - Any Reviews?

    I am planning to buy a brand new Gibson Les Paul next month. I was thinking of getting either a Gibson Les Paul Traditional, or a Gibson Les Paul Traditional Pro II or a Gibson Les Paul Signature T. Then, last weekend I thought it could be better to try to force my budget for a Gibson Les Paul Standard 2013. But when I looked around, I realized there are only a few reviews on Gibson Les Paul Standard 2013. In some of the few reviews I found at Musiciansfriend, Premier Guitar and the own web page of Gibson Les Paul Standard 2013 (and even the Gibson's own forum), I noticed there are a number of recurring complaints about this model. The users complained about poor craftmanship, poor quality assembly and tuning instabilities. I don't know... I am confused.

    Any reviews or ideas on Gibson Les Paul Standard 2013?

    Or do I have to purchase one of the other guitars?

    ...constantly on the way in thinking...

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    It's not hard to find complaints about Gibson QC. They are expensive guitars, and they seem to ship them with defects more often than other brands. That said, the issues that you might encounter are pretty easy to detect if you play the guitar first. If you're buying online, then make sure there's a return policy. Lots of people buy Gibsons online and they're fine, but there's a chance you could get one you're dissatisfied with.

    I bought one of my Gibsons online, and it turned out to be perfect. But there have also been threads on here about issues with other guitars. As for the 2013 Standard, I'd guess that there are few reviews on them due to their high price tag, and the fact that many are happy with Studios or even Traditionals that go for less. There's also the used market, where you can get one from say, the 90s (which I think was a good time for Gibson) for much less, and without too much wear in many cases.
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      Buy your guitar from Sweetwater. Sweetwater inspects and sets up all guitars before shipping, so you


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        I am going to buy this guitar from Thomann, Germany, myself, in person. As far as I know, they have a good reputation as a music store. Surely I am going to inspect the guitar I am going to buy. I am afraid if I may miss some bad things while buying, since that is an expensive instrument. (I remember that I missed a binding-error and some fret problems when I bought my brand new Epiphone.)  Hopefully a sales assistant helps as well.

        Nowadays, the guitars became like homemade-custom computers, in which there are many different qualities in a small range of the same model of guitars. You know, the Traditionals, Trad Pros, Signature Ts, Standard Premiums, and (normal) Standards are in fact all different versions of upper-range Les Paul Standards, with some differences and add-ons. I want to learn if those Standards worth that price?

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      If you're going to buy it in person you can examine it for QC issues, no? If you're really worried and have that kind of money to spend you can order an Anderson Bulldog from Mesa Boogie Hollywood and have it custom made to your specs AND know that it'll be perfect in every way. Or you can get a LP.