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  • Color Opinions(hiding a flaw)

    I have this red dirt pine body that I screwed up 1st time around. The neck pocket angle to the string thru holes alignment was off, and instead of enlarginging the string thru holes and moving the bridge, made the noob mistake of tryinh to change the angle of the pocket. Made a mess. Assembled the guitar had a big gap on one side and I just couldn't live with it so I scrapped the body and did a GFS pawlonia instead on that build.
    But I saved the pine body. It was finished in shellac/nitro/wax, that Ive sanded back. I took some filler to the neck pocket and have gotten my alignment issues worked out. I have this cheapo GFS neck for it(gonna practice my fretwork and nut skills on it). Have a single GFS rail & black single ply esquire guard for it.

    I want to select a color that will best cover the bondo around the neck pocket.
    I was thinking black, have some Dupicolor primer and flat black, but now Im having 2nd thoughts, thinking this thing might look nice in some kinda red. IDK.
    Whatever color I pick it needs to cover the filler well.

    So what would yall do? Anything special I should do to prep wood filler to hide it? Would one solid color do a better job than another?

    If I go with red, I'd need white primer right? No spray equipment, this will have to be a cheap(no reranch) rattlecan job. That means something auto store Dupicolor if I go nitro. I an't skeered of enamel tho. I've done one git in Krylon satin, carefully, and it turned out fine. Krylon comes in some really cool colors too, plus its cheap and you dont have to wait around on it to cure. (I am very aware of the pitfalls of enamel).

    I am a little wary of metallics tho, never sprayed em. And Dupicolors are mostly metallic cept for black and white.

    This fretboard is kinda light rosewood, with quite a bit of pattern in it.


    neck pocket

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    I would think any color would hide it well provided you sanded the bondo down really smooth and even with the surface of the body. I don't have any experience painting over bondo so I don't know for sure. Are you gonna use the Duplicolor Perfect Match spray paint? They actually have quite a few non-metallic options with that, especially in red. Im gonna paint my Warmoth Tele with that so Ill be curious to see how this comes out. Good luck.

    Here's a link to the Perfect Match paint at AutoZone.


    • Pine Apple Slim
      Pine Apple Slim commented
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      Thanks for the link. I'll def check those out. Its not really bondo, that was just my slang talkin.

      Its Elmers wood filler. I may try to put a thin coat of epoxy at the visible seam and sand that. Might get it smoother.

    • harold heckuba
      harold heckuba commented
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      You could leave it as is and use an amber lacquer pen to touch

      up and blend in the bondo area.


      You could have used epoxy for that, it adheres better, wont crack or chip,

      and is clear when dry.