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County Fair Jam: Loverboy Live! Paul Dean rules!!

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  • County Fair Jam: Loverboy Live! Paul Dean rules!!

    Look nobody made more fun of these guys back in the day than I did. We used to call them Quiverboy and laughed at Mike Reno's headband and red leather pants and the fact that Paul Dean looked 20 years older than everybody else in the band even though he was actually only 10 years older. But my best friend on the boards vikingrat (who no longer dwells here) told me of the legend that was Paul Dean and it had to be seen to be believed.  About as good a show as you'll ever see for $15.00 + all the rides you can handle...

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    I don't remember who I mocked more back then, Loverboy or Toto.



    • harold heckuba
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      I saw them at the fair two years ago


      They started out kinda lethargic, but the fans were really into it,

      which got the band trying much harder.


      So much so, that they did several encores, and Mike Reno got choked up

      and said that they really did not want to do the show, due to the distance,

      but were now so glad they did.


      Plus, he said there were a lot of hot moms in the audience that they were

      going to do backstage.

      (OK, I just made that last part up)

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    I saw them back in the "old days" at a big outdoor show with Heart, Ted Nugent, and Blue Oyster Cult. His guitar playing was excellent back then too. I thought at the time that he was the best on the day.


    • billybilly
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      Yep, Paul Dean is great.  I am not ashamed to say I've always liked Turn Me Loose, the full version, great build up, great song.

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    Wow! I didn't know that. Go man go!


    • slvrsrpnt
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      excellent sound on those videos too!  the band must have sounded amazing and it was captured well for an amature recording.