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  • Scored a sweet little guitar

    We're in Victoria, BC and I've been looking for a parlor acoustic for awhile, so I scored this little Simon and Patrick. He thinks he's a foooking dreadnaught, eh. All solid woods--mahogany, spruce, rosewood. Gorgeous tone, fun as heck to play. These parlors have gotten outstanding reviews and I can see why. I'll try to do a quick recording with my iPad in a day or two. Nice slim neck and low action makes it an easy player.






    But since this is an electric guitar forum, let me tell you about another gadget that I bought before we set out on our month long road trip. It's the new Line 6 Sonic Port for iPad and it's absolutely killer. I own a few of these things including the very good Apogee Jam, but the Line 6 trumps them all. It has a headphone out and a line out for monitors or other devices. The Line 6 software sounds terrific (probably similar to Pod 2.0) but it will work with Amplitube and Ampkit with great sound. I've been playing it every night for the last 10 days with a PRS CE22 that I brought with my on our road trip. 



    We're heading to Vancouver on Saturday and from there, who knows. Banff is kind of a mess right now so we might swing down the coast of Washington and Oregon or head over to Glacier. We're having a blast!




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    From Premiere Guitar:

    A lot of players probably won


    • Ancient Mariner
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      I'd quite like to try the Parlour guitar - nice score.

      POD 2.0 - sound good? Maybe on recording.... But hey, if it works for you then I'm glad you enjoy it! Glad it's been a good trip Doc.

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    I like S&P parlor guitars, incredible midrange. Congrats!


    • The Rover
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      Nice guitar! I've wanted a parlor acoustic for a long time. How loud is it compared to a dreadnought? Like 70%? 60%?

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    Love those little parlors! Congratulations!

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    • Bucksstudent
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      I admit, that's an awesome acoustic. I love the look of the back.

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    Sweet guitar Doc.

    And thanks for sharing the info about the Sonic Port as I've been wondering how it stacked up to the JAM. The fact that it has both a line out and a headphone out is a huge plus in my book.

    Although it appears that it won't work with macs so that's defintitely a knock against it.  Ideally I want something of a similar form factor that can work with both my iPad and my macbook since my main interface stays hooked up to my iMac.


    • docjeffrey
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      Since the Sonic Port has a standard USB connection, it may work on a Mac with a simple USB to USB cable. I will give it a try and see if my Mac recognizes it.

      I'm a bit flummoxed regarding the Pod software. It sounds so much better than either my Pocket Pod or my full sized Pod 1.0 that I upgraded to 2.0. The Fender tones are killer and the Vox tones are quite convincing. I'm pretty sure that the software is based on Pod 2.0, but with the iPad and Sonic Port, there seems to be more headroom than on either of my old Pods. The increased headroom translates into more control and precision over the amount of breakup.

      However, some of it could be attributed to the beefy PRS pickups which tend to work well with modeling devices, so, I'm not sure what's going on but I dig it. You also have direct access to your iTunes library, so you can play along with any song and even loop sections of a song.

      The only black mark--no Audiobus support:-(

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    Pretty guitar, and that iPod interface is intriguing. Looking forward to hearing more about that! Enjoy your travels, but wait to come south if you can... it's hotter than sin down here!!!
    Originally Posted by wedgehed II

    Instead of searching for intelligent life in the universe, NASA should send a probe to this thread.


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      I know this about the parlor guitar but that blue PRS is all I see..

      Thanks for the pics ,it looks like a great trip.


      • billybilly
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        I've been turned on to smaller guitars as of late too Doc.  I actually played that exact model at Long and McQuade in Vancouver while on holidays 3 months ago.  It was impressive for sure, great note articulation, enjoy.

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      I jumped from the 2.0 to the X3, and most everything sounds better on the X3. Line 6 seems to do a good job of improving their products and models as they progress.
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