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  • Aria 1803t 1970's guitar

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    Hey guys, im in the midst of a trade for this guitar, the Aria 1803t (possibly) and im wondering if anyone knows the value of them? I havent been able to really find anything. this ones in perfect condition with the original hard case, the value of the guitar on my end is about 550-600. Its a reverend warhawk 390. 

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    I own a teisco and owned a Harmony. They can be worth a lot to the right person but sometimes the local market just doesn't want to pay fair market value on it. My experience.

    How hard would it be to sell the Reverend for the 500? How hard would it be to sell the Aria for 500? I'd make my decision based on that. I would think negotiating down with cash would probably net you the better deal IMO.


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      The big thing is there is basically no information about these arias on the web. ive seen people say they are worth 250, but the guy i would be trading with says hes seen them up for 650, though he may be just saying that. and I could get rid of the Reverend almost right away for 500. So its interesting, I just want to find some information on Aria 1803t's that have actually been sold.


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        Lots of these Retro Japanese guitars just don't play that well. They look awesome, even sound cool but leave a lot to be desired. This probably isn't high end for the era, I'm not too familiar with Arias

        Most big money guitars were 60s Japanese guitars. Buyer beware, unless you absolutely must have this model tread lightly. I'd hate to be stuck with an expensive wall hanger. Look around there a lot of these guitars still floating around. Some you can get for sub 150 if you are patient. I got mine for 75$


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          Arias were made by Matsumoku back then, same as a lot of epiphones and a bunch of other guitars, like some kay models, and some of the later silvertones. I would certianly have to find out how it plays, i hear sometimes they have real chunky necks. 


          • soundcreation
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            PhilWillBlues wrote:

            Arias were made by Matsumoku back then, same as a lot of epiphones and a bunch of other guitars, like some kay models, and some of the later silvertones. I would certianly have to find out how it plays, i hear sometimes they have real chunky necks. 

            yes but MIJ guitars didn't really come into their own untill the late 70's early 80's.  Matsumoku included. 

            Here's a link to what looks like that guitar...


            Unfortuanately trying to pin a value you can be confident in...is going to be near impossible.  The rairty of those guitars combined with them being considered average players (at best) means they are worth whatever someone decides to ask and what someone is willing to pay.  Sold prices will probably be all over the map. 

            Personally I wouldn't pay more than 250 for that guitar.  If he thinks it's worth 650 and he could get that then I'd say good luck to him and move on.  But that's just me.


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          This particular Aria is worth a lot more than the ones that are selling for ~$250 on eBay. This one is in mint condition with a matching case. That


          • 6down1togo
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            They have value to a collector, not as much value to a player. Look at sold listings on ebay for both guitars, thta will tell you what they are worth. Rare and old is not always desirable. I saw a mint Teisco tulip for $250 at a music store and thought about buying it just for the novelty. It sat for months before it sold.

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          It really depends on how much you like the Aria.  If you happen to like the Aria more than the Reverend it might be an okay trade.


          • harold heckuba
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            I would not make that trade.  The Reverend is worth a lot more, and

            it is easily sold if needed.  

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          I'd say you'd be getting the short end of the deal.  Those old Aria's were nothing special for playability and tone, and not of particular collector value.  The stories of $650 are probably guys where that was their first guitar and they want to recapture their youth, and have the money to do it.  Your Reverand is a far better guitar.

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          • Pine Apple Slim
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            Aria made a gazillion guitars in the 70s and 80s. Some were very good, and most were very run of the mill.

            For an import brand, they were a pretty good value in their day if you couldn't afford a Fender or Gibson.

            I wouldn't trade a Reverand for one unless I played it and absolutely fell in love. Odd are, the Rev is a much better guitar.


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          Thanks alot for all the feedback. Yeah im thinking im going to keep the reverend, as all i can find on these arias say that they werent anything special, just kind of a cheap strat knock off in the 70's. I figure if it comes down to it i might just sell the reverend, buy a guitar something like this, and spend the rest of the money on pedals.