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June 2013 Great Deals Thread - *READTHIS>>> NoSpamAllowed <<READTHIS Options

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  • June 2013 Great Deals Thread - *READTHIS>>> NoSpamAllowed <<READTHIS Options

    Post all hot deals here, but no SPAM. SPAM is for the other thread. This is for insane blow out deals that you find online and want to share with your fellow GASsers.

    If you see a blowout on Music123 on Les Pauls for $99, yes, this is where you post that info, etc.

    You can post eBay links you see too, but the eBay links have to be Buy It Nows, not something that is at $1 and still has 10 days left in the auction.

    The RULES:



    Last month we tried a separate discussion thread, but it's just too cumbersome to have a separate thread, so there won't be one anymore.

    From my observations, the majority of people like to talk about the deals in order to decide if they want to buy something. There's typically just a few loud members constantly complaining about the discussions. As long as the discussions are related to the item in question, then the discussion can stay in this thread. If someone starts whining and causes a big flame war about "too much talking" they are going to get a temp ban. Everybody participating in any flame war in this thread will get a temp ban. Just behave yourselves! There is more to life than this internet thready thing.

    3) All new deals must be posted in RED! Or at least the TITLE OF THE DEAL.

    That will help people be able to filter though the pages of discussion and the actual deal posts will pop right out.

    4) Your personal SPAM is not allowed in this thread. If you post SPAM in here, you will get a temp ban. Then no one will be able to buy your crappy gear.

    I repeat - NO SPAM in this thread. That means NO TRADES, NO OFFERS, no selling or getting rid of your own stuff. There's one SPAM thread already for that stuff.

    And as, alway: there is no whining, bitching, complaining or tantrums allowed in this thread. This thread is only for discussing the hot deals. If you missed a hot deal or you hate Musicians Friend, post about it in an outside thread.

    If you buy something in the hot deals thread, and you love it, or hate it, or it bit you in the ass, then post a separate thread about it, this thread ain't for heated discussion.

    Bring em if ya got em!

    Please, no political discussions.

    "If you play guitar, you are a friend."

    "Ask not what your country can do for you--ask what you can do for your country."

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    I just ordered a set of Duncan P-Rails with Triple Shot rings for $161 shipped. Duncan Slash pickup sets are $143. Duncan Seth Lover neck is $79. They are out of SL bridge pickups. Duncan 59 sets and others are also on sale. They originally gave me a price of $99.95 on a Vintage Blues set. I hesitated and they offered me the set for $95. Similar savings on Dimarzio pickups. You need to call them to get these prices.



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      $129 for a TREX Dr Swamp Double Distortion from MF.   Seems to be in the high $200's everywhere else. 




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      $1000 strings for $19.99!!






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      PRS SE Santana Orange $479 @ MF $724 everywhere else




      I got one of these, and a think it's a great deal, good action right out of the box, made in Korea but very good craftsmanship

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        Vox SDC-33 Double-Cutaway Solidbody Electric Guitar Trans Red 279.99 at MF



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          Luna Trinity Acoustic/Electric Guitar Dreadnought Cutaway - Natural $192.86 Free Acoustic Amp @ Amazon

          I Don't know if I can post a Acoustic guitar in here but anyways:



          Get a Free Acoustic Amp with the Purchase of Any Dean or Luna Guitar
          Receive a free acoustic amplifier with the purchase of any qualifying Dean or Luna guitar. Simply mail in the rebate form and pay shipping and handling to qualify.


          There is 14, as always, Amazon change prices when people start buying so, good luck.



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            Luna makes some very interesting unusual guitars.
            Look at that. We are nearly up to 1 post per day.
            So sad.


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            Peavey Rockmaster Marvel Avengers, $60


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            http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B004HJ1VTE/ref=gno_cart_title_1?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=AS9UUXZ8KC 49B Pyle-Pro PPDLT2 Guitar Tuning Pedal 9.99 Plus shipping whatever that is,It shows 7.39 but when put in cart its 12.00..But still a decent deal,Has 2 outputs which is nice to have.


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              SDOTD @ MF

              Acoustic GT50H 50w electric guitar amp $299.99


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                Here's a link to a 20% off any clearance priced musical instrument at Best Buy stores with an integrated MI store. The stores that have the MI store are listed on the coupon. My two local stores are picked clean, but there may still be some Billy Corgan Strats or Mustang Pawn Shop specials floating around out there.



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                If you are local and show up early, you might get ahold of one of these:
                Fender Special Purchase

                only 2 of each to sell at these prices

                Pawn Shop 51 blonde with gig bag List $1079 Sale $419.95

                Pawn Shop 51 black with gig bag List $1079 Sale $419.95

                Modern Player Tele Thinline deluxe 3 tone sunburst List $609 Sale $339.99

                Roadworn Telecaster in Blonde $520
                Roadworn Stratocaster Silver $520

                Otherwise, here's a link to the full list which you can phone in starting tomorrow.


                Victor Litz Music
                306 East Diamond Ave.
                Gaithersburg MD 20877


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                  For grabs: 15% off single item $49+ from MF catalog.

                  code: TN114710

                  Says ends 6/15/13

                  Should? be good.


                  • Wayne2
                    Wayne2 commented
                    Editing a comment

                    Best Buy update: I suckered myself into checking them out again.  Slim pickings.  They had some Fender Frontman 212s in boxes, and a Marshall Haze that looked ok.  Lots of Epiphone Les Paul 100s.  The acoustics were beat up.  Some Hagstrom electrics.  A lot of keyboards, DJ stuff, and drum stuff still left.


                    There was a thinline modern player Telecaster that I liked, then realized I liked my $300 more.

                    Pedalwise it's almost all gone.  They have some large Boss multieffects and some of the smaller ones like the space echo and the slicer (open items).


                    Plenty of acoustic guitar Maestro/Gibson starter kits left.   

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                  PRS SE One Korina Electric Guitar Vintage Amber $399.00 @ MF today only.


                  Discount is taken automatically in cart.