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A simple color poll.

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  • A simple color poll.

    'Candy Slime Green'.....or 'Burgundy Mist'?....'Neither' doesn't count. dammit!



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    What happened to candy tangerine?

    Seriously though, for those shades and body styles I'll vote green.
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    • DeepEnd
      DeepEnd commented
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      A vote for burgundy but it's close.

    • FrankenSteinberger
      FrankenSteinberger commented
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      Of those two colors, I feel the green works best.

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    In no way is that a simple color poll as both look great.  I'm leaning ever so slightly towards the burgundy mist


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      • mschafft
        mschafft commented
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        Green here

    • #5

      Burgundy Mist.


      • slvrsrpnt
        slvrsrpnt commented
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        I like the green better on this guitar

    • #6

      Bergundy!  I'd like it even more if it were closer to a true purple.


      • #7

        Since it doesn't count I unabashedly vote neither. The green is horrible the burgundy is ok but you should relly make a bunch in deep candy apples. Green on a gold base, Cherry reds - real show rod cullers.

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        • Special J
          Special J commented
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          Green. So does the new forum software not allow us to do polls? WTF?

        • J Backlund
          J Backlund commented
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          1001gear wrote:

          Since it doesn't count I unabashedly vote neither. The green is horrible the burgundy is ok but you should relly make a bunch in deep candy apples. Green on a gold base, Cherry reds - real show rod cullers.

          If there was to be a bunch of them made, I would certainly go for candy apple colors, heavy metal flakes etc. But unfortunately, I only foresee two 700's being made, this one (#1) and another owned by the builder, Marco Krijger in the Netherlands.

          I simply cannot afford to have additional examples made, otherwise I'd have at least several specimens of this design made for myself in different color finishes and using different hardware (trem bridge, etc.) same with the Marz 6, but I only have one shot at owning an example of each of these two designs, so this is 'it'.


          I wouldn't object to either of these two Backlund models (Katalina 700 and Marz 6) being produced as a relatively affordable production guitar sometime in the future,  but I wil not allow either to be made as expensive custom shop items. My two guitars are only custom-built instruments because that's obviously the only way to aquire an example of each for myself. They are not intended as production protoypes, though they could certainly be used as such if absolutely neccessary.

      • #8

        Candy slime green.


        • #9

          Green. They both look great, but the burgundy mist just feels so natural and obvious for that guitar. The insansity of the green would make the guitar jump out at a crowd.


          • #10

            Gotta admit, the more I look at them, the better the green looks. Change my vote from "burgundy" to "undecided leaning toward green."

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            • Pine Apple Slim
              Pine Apple Slim commented
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              I gotta vote burgandy mist, its one of my fav colors. The green hurts me eyeballs.

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