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Happy Canada Day!

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  • Happy Canada Day!

    We're in Vancouver for a few days before heading east to the Rockies. Hope you all have a great day! It's been beautiful here all weekend--warm and humid. I did manage to get a clip of my new Canadian acoustic recorded using my iPad. I had to use the internal mic, but I think you'll get the idea from this clip.

    Simon and Patrick Parlor Guitar


    Once again, since this is an electric guitar forum, let's see those Canadian made guitars, amps and effects! I don't own any other Canadian guitars other than my little parlor, but I have Alex Lifeson's signature Les Paul, so I'm gonna cheat and post that one. Happy Canada Day.


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    By the way, the background noise in the recording is coming from the beach at English Bay. We're across the street at the Sylvia Hotel on the 6th floor, but with the windows open, we can hear the noisy din of the city and the beach. Sorry, but it's quite warm here and this historic building is not air conditioned.



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      If that's the built in mic on your i pad I'm impressed. Sounds good. Good playing too