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My guitar's tone pot broke off; help


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  • My guitar's tone pot broke off; help

    So, Today I noticed that my guitar wasn't working when hooked up to my amp, and I figured out that the tone knob was very lose. So I looked some stuff up about the internet to fix it, and I did everything I could to tighten it, and it still wasn't working, so I took the back off and looked inside it, and the pot was totally disconnected... I have no idea how to fix, and I know know nothing of mechanics or electrical wiring, so I can't do it...
    What can I do to fix it?

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    Take it to a tech and have it fixed. Problem solved.
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      Without looking at your guitar, it sounds like a fairly simple repair. Then again, I could be talking through my hat. Since I can't see it and you don't have the experience to handle the repair, ajympt's recommendation is the best one for you.