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Open D String Buzzing(Standard D tuning)


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  • Open D String Buzzing(Standard D tuning)

    Hi all,


    I've searched some posts in this forum but didn't get information useful for a Floyd rose loaded guitar.

    The open D string on my Schecter Blackjack is buzzing (standard D tuning) when hit a bit hard. It is sometimes audible through amp (the chords are not sounding full).

    This started happening within a week after I went to D standard tuning from standard E. The gauge remained the same (10s) but I switched from D'addario to Ernies. The action at the 12th fret is almost same as before the change in setup (at 1.7-1.8mm around measured with a pick) which I think is the factory setting for Schecter. The other strings don't buzz open and when fretted they might buzz very little which is very tolerable. I don't see a buzz when fretted on the first fret.

    The reason I'm asking here is not many Guitar Techs in my town can tweak a Floyd properly. I guess the tech should have set ip up properly when I changed my setup itself.

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    Tuning down with the same gauge strings, you may want to put some more relief in the neck since the strings are a little looser and oscillate with a wider arc of motion. Or, put D'Addarios back on - they might have a little more tension than the Ernies (IDK), which can help a bit with the buzz.

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      ok.. Now I started to observe a little more buzz on the first fret in addition to the open 6th String. Now how should I go about this? Should I adjust the action or truss rod?

      Also can I adjust the truss rod  for a little more relief now that the guitar is in tune? Will it disturb the setup?  Is there any recommendation for relief (any guide as to how much is recommended). or is just personal preference?