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    hey guys,

    it was my 37th birthday two days ago and I happily clicked on that Buy it Now button for a pretty Squier Seafoam Surf strat (Duncan designed lipstick style SSS config). It's on its way and I look forward to rock it. This morning has a hangover feel to it with the deadly weather on the news and the loss of Mr Manzarek.

    thanks for reading this post, have a nice day, oh and btw, the wife and I will be visiting the windy city this summer, any advice on what to see there? cheers

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    Windy City?  Every guitarist who comes to Chicago should visit Chicago Music Exchange on 3316 N. Lincoln.  Thousands of cool guitars on display and you can touch, play and lick them all.


    Lots of food suggestions too.  What does the wife like to eat?*


    *If you wife is patiently waiting for you to lick all the guitars at CME, you better let her pick where dinner is.


    Happy birthday!


    • mschafft
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      Thanks a lot!

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    We've booked the hotel in the Gold Coast area. Thanks for your suggestions, I definitely want to check out these places.

    As for the guitar, it should arrive early next week. I look forward to seeing it in person. I wonder how Charley-esque the pickups will sound. Some say they are very bright. Others describe them as warm.

    Cheers guys


    • mschafft
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      Hey guys,


      The Squier Surf Strat arrived this morning.  Due to the following QC issues, I consider sending it back :

      - nick at the back of the neck

      - hairline crack in the neck pocket

      - big finish crack under neck plate (showing a little, but big bits of paint literally coming off when removing the plate)


      Heartbreaking because the neck profile feels great, the guitar looks good and I'm digging the lipstick DD pickups.

      Thanks for reading this. Have a great day!


    • Mike Fiasco
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      mschafft wrote:
      We've booked the hotel in the Gold Coast area. Thanks for your suggestions, I definitely want to check out these places.


      Saloon Steakhouse on 200 E. Chestnut.  It's Gold Coast-ish and they have half priced beautiful burgers on Saturday lunches..


      That is one of your 1,000,000 choices of excellent places near where you are staying.  Hope you're not vegitarian.

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    Bummer about the nicks and what not. I would have never checked the finish under the neck plate, though.

    Are you going to get another one? Normally, Squiers don't have the nicks and cracks.
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    • D Carroll
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      That fucking sucks about your new guitar. Hope shit works out.