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Sold my 335:(


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  • Sold my 335:(

    It was big, uncomfortable, the exact opposite of a telecaster (pretty much THE perfect electric imo)...

    And yet for some reason I f*cking loved that guitar. Feedbackairysustainbeefyovertones...Just perfect for pretty much any style I could think of, versatile and inspirting as hell. Not dry and tight like a Les Paul, not as prsitine and perfect sounding, more messy and forgiving, but still with the same sort of balls and grit. Whatever, I suck at guitar revies, I guess anyone who's familiar with semi hollows probably knows what I mean.  

    It was either sell the 335, or sell three of my cheapish fenders, and no matter how much I liked the gibbo, I wasn't willing to sacrifise three of my fenders for it. And I couldn't afford to keep all of 'em, not while I don't even have an amp at home to practice/noodle/record with. 

    Thinking of selling some peds and one other electric though, so I can maybe buy a more affordable es-335 copy as soon as I get my finances in order. 

    Has to be an exact copy, I'm sorta picky about that. Even those big headstocks epiphones make my stomach turn. What about a sub $1000 japanese made replica, like a tokai or burny, fernandes...Mission impossible, right?

    I think pretty highly of the Gibson I just sold, and it wasn't even one of the higher end series or anything. I know the days when china and korea made utter crap are long gone, but I'd still much rather get something that's MIJ, in my experience they can be as good -if not better- than the american models they're based on. 

    So I'm afraid is comes down to yet another "Recommend me a poor man's ES335?" Sorry

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    Thom, please check out the Ibanez Artcore series. They have models of all prices, for the most part. I had one of the big-jazz-box models, and was really surprised by the build quality and sound.


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      Ibanez Artcores are quite nice. I have the AS73, and it's one of the best bang-for-buck guitars out there. Wonderful playability and nice tone.
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        Check out Schecter


        • BydoEmpire
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          Thinline tele?

          Warmoth VIP build?

          Carvin has a couple semi-hollows

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        Edwards sa-125lts is probably your least expensive bet, then.
        The least comfortable questions lead to the most important answers.


        • thom
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          warriorpoet wrote:
          Edwards sa-125lts is probably your least expensive bet, then.

          We have a winner!

          Well, if I manage to find one of these in the EU that is, which after a ten min google search seems very unlikely:s

          All the specs are there, the right color options, top notch quality according to every single review, a bit under the price point of a gibbo...

          If anyone knows where in the EU I can find one, lemme know

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        The ibanez is definitely not an exact copy. The Epi 335 Pro model is pretty close. And cheap, too.
        We're not in Kansas anymore.


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          Edwards are available nearly everywhere,but the shipping is pricey.
          The least comfortable questions lead to the most important answers.


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            They tend to be sold only on eBay direct from Japan, though. I doubt you'll find one in a local shop...
            The least comfortable questions lead to the most important answers.


            • hardtdc
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              Look for an Epi Elitist Dot. You'll still get an MIJ and get a fine axe.