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A message to Guitar Center: move your warehouses


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  • A message to Guitar Center: move your warehouses


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    on it's way

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    • DeepEnd
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      Both Kansas City, KS and Kansas City, MO are near the border between the two states. Depending on which Kansas City we're talking about, the order may not have moved at all, or it may have gone as far as the nearest UPS facility. As an aside, I learned a number of years ago that the difference between slow and fast shipping is how long the item sits in the FedEx warehouse at the receiving end. I bought something on eBay, don't recall what, and it was shipped halfway across the country, then sat in the local FedEx warehouse within 10 miles of me for something like four days.

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    The worst is seeing when the package finally arrives in Secaucus, amirite? You're like, "IT'S ONLY LIKE 8 MILES AWAY! IT'LL BE HERE IN HOURS!"

    And then it takes three days.



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      One big difference.   Amazon is a profitable company selling over $50 million in sales/day.  These numbers mean they can support tons of warehouse facilities and does enough volume to allow for fantastic shipping rates and speed.


      Guitar center on the other hand, at it's absolute peak, averagd about $250k/day and is not sitting on top of a mountain of debt.  


      • ugameus
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        If you had a distribution center, wouldn't you want it in the center of the country?  My guess is that it is there for a very specific reason.

        Remember, people that run a business do what is best for the business.  I am not saying you should like what they do, just that they do it for themselves.

        It is not our right to have quick shipping from anyone.

      • jpnyc
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        kit_strong wrote:

        One big difference.   Amazon is a profitable company selling over $50 million in sales/day