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Why Did You Sell Your Guitar?


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  • Why Did You Sell Your Guitar?

    We buy and sell lots of guitars here.  I sell very few guitars, since I tend to get pretty attached to them, but I have recently sold some to fund some purchases, guitar and otherwise.

    Most recently, I sold my Ibanex RG4EX1 so that my wife and I could buy tickets to see the Beatles Love Cirque du Soleil show.  Hope it's worth it!  But really, I love those Cirque shows, and I love The Beatles.  I've wanted to see the show ever since it came out, and since I'm certain that I don't like double-locking whammy guitars (I've had two, and both have been sold), I know I'll get more out of the experience of the show than the occassional chugga-chugga-dive bomb-wheedly-wheedly-wooo I got out of the guitar. 

    Anyway, what are some reasons you've sold gear?

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    to buy recording gear, and a more versatile array of instruments


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       I sold a Hondo es-335 clone because it had intonation issues 

      A few others were sold just because my former girlfriend could not understand why I needed so many. I really wasn't playing that much at the time so I left some of  them go .  I don't miss her but wish I had the guitars back


      • BydoEmpire
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        Sold my PRS CE and Guild X-185 archtop to buy a National resonator - I was playing tons of blues & roots stuff at the time, and doing a lot of acoustic solo/duo gigs, so it made sense.  The National was awesome.  


        Sold my Partscaster tele, 57 reissue strat, Jackson Dinky Reverse & National to finance my Suhr.  Don't regret it at all - the Jackson & Partscaster were badly in need of a refret, I hadn't played the National more than a day or two a year in the last five years, and I liked the 57 reissue, but it's one of those guitars I just kept modding trying to get perfect.  I liked it, but it never blew me away.  Couldn't be happier with the Suhr - it was custom-built to my specs and plays and sounds phenomenal.  I'd rather have one guitar I absolutely love and play every day, than a closet full of guitars that require maintenance and don't quite do it.


        A few months ago I sold my '96 SRV strat to finance a Kemper profiling amp.  I do regret that a little bit.  I got cold feet on the Kemper.  It sure looks cool, l but the $100 Schuffham amp sim got me a good chunk of the way there for a lot less.  At least now I've got some cash in the gear fund, saving for something I really want.

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        You're going to love "Love."  I used to live in Vegas and saw it when it was first launched; exceptionally good show.

        I suck at selling guitars - I get attached, too.  In fact, I've already decided to race down to Grandma's to get my Strat back this AM (the one I traded yesterday for the Eastwood).  Hahahahhah ... I'm just ridiculously greedy.

        Part of that is because when we moved from Boston to Vegas, I insisted on having most of the guitars with me in the car we drove out, and along the way I would post to the CL in the next stopover city, trying to sell them.  It worked, and it was kind of fun ... except that I sold a Yamaha SGV-800 that I desperately wish I had back.

        I honestly would prefer to give away a guitar to a good home than sell it.  I'd only sell one I didn't really care for.  I once sold an Epiphone Alley Kat that I didn't like playing to guy that loved it, and that made me happy.

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      For a couple years or so I was buying lots of relatively inexpensive older guitars that were in good shape and that I enjoyed playing.  As I found much nicer older guitars I would sell off some of the guitars I already had to both get that nicer old guitar and to avoid a potential hoarding situation.

      Some of the guitars that I got by selling a bunch of other guitars are a 1974 Les Paul Deluxe, 1976 Jazzmaster, 1964 Gretsch Double Anniversary, 1979 Gretsch Country Club, and a 1960 Gibson ES-330TD.

      I traded four relatively cheap guitars for a 1952 Gibson ES-150.

      I sold a few amplifiers I wasn't using that much to afford to buy a friend's mid-1960s Epiphone Riviera.


      • Presc
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        Ibanez RG3120 because I exited my teenage years and became less interested in metal.  Used the proceeds to help buy a Hertiage 535.