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$350 and buying used. Give me suggestions


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  • $350 and buying used. Give me suggestions

    I've been clearing out most of my gear as i have just moved. 

    I'm literally down to one guitar at the moment. A little known strat with 'blade' pickups. 

    I've usually been an LP guy but do enjoy flying v's, semi hollows (i.e. 335 type guitars), and others.

    Right now the two guitars i have been thinking about are the Dean Leslie West signature (in tobacco burst)- it just seems like a great straight ahead rock machine.

    The other has been the Ampeg (dan armstrong) AMG1 this is the doulbe cut with two p90s. Actually played one at a music store the other day but the price tag was a bit much in relation to the shape the guitar was in.

    I am very open minded though so throw out any suggestions. I'd like to keep it to $300-$350 MAX and am looking to buy used to get more bang for the buck. I would like for the guitar to be a bit unique as i am tired of the same old. Although i must say i have been gassing for a strat (most of the fenders i've picked up lately have felt amazing in my hands, mostly the mid level MIM). Perhaps one of the fender blacktop models? 

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    Hmmmm... Usually an LP guy, but you've been digging Fenders and might want something a little different - how about a Toronado, if you can track one down. There's also the Cyclone - a cool Mustang-like guitar with a "regular" scale, a bridge HB and a neck Strat single.

    Or for currently produced models, how about an Epi Nighthawk? They have a Fender scale, some Fender-ish tones, they're a little different and very cool, and they're easily in your price range (maybe even new).
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      I would really like the nighthawk if it wasn't for that middle single coil. I just can't get past the looks of it...

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    The Fender Blacktop models are pretty sweet, so if you can find one for $350 then I'd say go for it. 


    My main guitar is a Hagstrom Swede (basically a Les Paul copy) that I bought for $400 with the hard case.  That was a good decision.  If you can find one for cheaper then definitely buy it.


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      Great suggestions. Lots of cool options. I'll throw in a suggestion for Hamer import guitars. The older, Korean made imports are especially solid instruments.


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        Yamaha RGX320 and RGX520 for the strat meets Paul kinda vibe.
        Also, Godin SD.
        Both of which are easily found in your price range.


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          How about a Godin Exit 22. Great guitar for the money. You should be able to get a very nice used one for about $250.00.

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          If you want bang for your buck, 350 will get you in the door of a 1980s MIJ instrument that, pound for pound, is as good as anything being made in the US today.