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Achtung! Fender Mustang I vs. Mustang II

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  • Achtung! Fender Mustang I vs. Mustang II



    I relocated to China to work, but left all my music gear behind in the UK. My reason for doing that was it is incredibly expensive to transport stuff into China, and when I moved I didn't really know if I'd enjoy living/working here, or how long I'd stay.


    Anyway, i'm going to be living here in China for at least another year, so I'm buying an electric 6-string and an amplifier. My amp will mostly be for home use, but might possibly be used for the sort of live playing that could be done playing with with an unampliflied acoustic-playing singer.


    I don't want to invest much money in this, because I might only be in the country for 2 or 3 years, and te resale market here doesn't really exist. So, in a nutshell, what are the respective benefits of the Mustang I and the Mustang II?


    TL/DR version: what are the respective benefits of the Mustang I vs. the Mustang II?



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    Do you mean Mustang I the 22" scale one and Mustang II the 24" scale one, or Mustang I that was made fromt he 60's to the 80's and the Mustang II the newer reissue?

    Go with the racing stripe model if at all possible.

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      I'm pretty sure he's talking about Fender's Mustang I and Mustang II amplifiers, not the short-necked guitars. 

      I got a Mustang I recently as part of the Best Buy music department closeout, so I got a killer deal, just $60. Sounds really nice for what it is, and what it is is a practice amp for home use. I can't imagine anyone owning both models of these amps, your best bet would be to compare them in a music store. 

      The Mustang II is the larger version, I think it's got a 12" (30cm) speaker - I'd get that if you have any plans of playing in public. Will the authorities even allow decadent western guitar music (the worst kind!) in communist china? 

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    The II is bigger and louder. The size and speaker don


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      jpnyc wrote:

      The II is bigger and louder. The size and speaker don

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    I have a 1.  Wish I would have gotten a II.  They really do have a bigger sound and better tone.  Either would probably suit your purpose, as long as you don't have to keep up with a drummer.  I've used mine to play at small, more or less acoustic gigs.

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