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What's the best quality Epiphone you have ever played ???

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  • What's the best quality Epiphone you have ever played ???

    Looking to grab a Gibson-esque geetar with humbuckers as I am very Fender heavy at the moment....

    I don't have the scratch for a Gibson .....

    What's the best Epi you have played?

    SG? Firebird? LP Ultra? all junk? all good?

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    My '51 Devon!

    But for the new models, I think that their LPs feel better than the SGs. I have an SG-400, and it's nice, but the LPs I find at shops seem sturdier. I also have been impressed with their Nighthawks. Generally, I think Epiphones are solid. I have a couple older MIK ones and one MIC one, and I find that the MIC stuff is just fine.
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    • Pine Apple Slim
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      Of the newer models, I've played a Swingster and flirted with a LP Goldtop with P90s.

      The Swingster was excellent all around. The Goldtop was a little rough in the fret ends/nut departmment.

      Over the years I've found most Sheraton IIs to be consistantly nice.

      In my limited experience i've found the Dot Studios actually better all around than most of the regular Dots. Better fretwork, I like the overall feel of the neck better, electronics, and pickups too IMO.  

      I had a MIK LP Custom for quite a while back in the 90s that was a great guitar w the exception of the mediocre pickups.

      Right now I have a MIK 2010 Epi Korina Explorer thats excellent in every way. I even love the pickups.

    • gardo
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      kayd_mon wrote:
      My '51 Devon!

      But for the new models, I think that their LPs feel better than the SGs. I have an SG-400, and it's nice, but the LPs I find at shops seem sturdier. I also have been impressed with their Nighthawks. Generally, I think Epiphones are solid. I have a couple older MIK ones and one MIC one, and I find that the MIC stuff is just fine.

      My '51 Zephyr ! 

       I wasn't really impressed with the Dots I tried . They make some good LPs

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    My friend has a fantastic EPI Lea Paul. He has Duncan JB pickups, and a really mice set up. Plays smooth and sounds killer. IMHO it's as good as his Gibson Paul. He got it in th late 90's. I have also had a natural dot that I totally regret selling. It was a fine guitar.
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      Epi '56 tribute that was out a few years ago.  Goldtop that came loaded with P90s.  I thought one I played in shop sounded and played way better than the Gibson '50s tribute that was out around the same time.  But, I had ordered the Gibson already but hadn't received it yet, so ended up with an inferior guitar.


      • IRG
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        Easily for me, it's my current Epi Tribute LP. I think it's called the Tribute Plus now, mine's a 2010. Anyway, it has all the Gibson parts, minus the nitro finish. Gibson '57 humbuckers, split coil too, high end electronics through out, long neck tenon, good tuners and a hsc, all for $600 new, less used. This is really hard to beat. I had a PRS SE 245 that was nice too, but just preferred my Epi.


        Here's a pic similar to mine, although mine is darker, almost black.

        ****, I forget this pos site you can't add images normally, no wonder I spend little time here.

        Here's a link from Sweetwater, hopefully you can click on this one:



        Here's the pic:



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      I had an elitist sg a few years back. Sweet guitar
      This space intentionally left blank


      • Bucksstudent
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        Don't be afraid of ESP, Hagstrom, or Ibanez, either.

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      Last week I played a 2013 Epi Les Paul standard. It played like butter, the fretwork was better than my 2012 Gibson, and it sounded great. I was impressed.


      • DaleH
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        jpnyc wrote:

        Last week I played a 2013 Epi Les Paul standard. It played like butter, the fretwork was better than my 2012 Gibson, and it sounded great. I was impressed.

        +1 I played one the other day that was great.

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      A friend of mine has a '67 US made Emperor.  Not only the best Epiphone I've ever played, but one of the best guitars, period.

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          I have a '57 reissue Les Paul Jr..  It has nice frets, is a set neck and growls deliciously.


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            61 reissue Casino
            LP Traditional Pro Korina
            We're not in Kansas anymore.


            • Dr. Scottie C
              Dr. Scottie C commented
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              Sounds like Epi China has the Lester's down..... what about SG's?

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            Dot Deluxe.
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              The bes I played was a 56 Goltop and a casino, bt you want humbucker guitar, in which case that would be my own LP standard, Ive manged to get the action really low without any buzz.  the G were a bit too thin for me, and I don't think the ones I've played were set up the best. 

              I've also played a DOT, again it was okay but it just nuuded aset up to my taste too. 

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                My first guitar was an Epiphone SG and it was a pretty sweet guitar.  Still have it (I think, last time I checked it was still in my mom's attic).  Sounded great, and built like a brick ****************house.  I'm pretty rough on guitars and that SG is still intact, so make of that what you will.  I had to fix the pickups and the input jack after a while but that's to be expected.  They are made in China after all.


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                  I really like My Epi LP Custom once I changed the pickups and did some slight adjusting. Plays smooth and holds a tune well. I played an Epi Joe Bonamassa LP sig guitar and liked it alot as well. Is it in the same league as my Gibson LP traditional pro? No, its not. But then again the Gibson is $2000 and the Epiphone was $600. The Epi is still a damn fine guitar though

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                  • fuzztone
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                    I love my Epiphone Les Paul Special .Before I got it I didn't know what to expect from the new Epiphones made in China but this guitar is 1st class.Bravo Epiphone! It seems like they are really working hard to produce  quality products that are affordable for the masses.



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                  Any of their Samick MIK archtops are 95% a Gibson for 10% the cost.

                  Any of their 1980s MIJ archtops are 150% a similarly dated Gibson at 75% the price. The Jap Epiphones were better than the American Gibsons for about a 5 year period. There was a real golden era when you could find them for like $200 and $300. The market finally caught on, wish I had bought them all.


                  • american sinner
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                    A Wildkat. Not HBs though. P90s as you can see. It is smaller than a 335 type Dot etc. If you've not seen one. Just a bit larger than an LP really. The semi-hollow sound is more like a thinline imo than a full sized semi, not surprisingly I suppose. 



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