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  • Free Stuff Thread (Redux)

    Okay...we're gonna try this again and see if it works out better the 2nd time around. If you were a part of the previous thread and are able to follow the rules of this thread, please repost your offering here. The previous thread is now locked but can be viewed here http://acapella.harmony-central.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=1389331

    I've got a couple things laying around that I have no use for so I thought I'd offer 'em up to forumites for free.

    Here're the rules:

    1) Items offered up must be free.

    (This means you can't ask for $ or an item in trade for your offering -- asking for help to cover shipping is okay, but if you're looking to 'wheel and deal' please see the SPAM Thread at the top of the forum)

    2) To ask for an item, you must first post an available item yourself.

    This thread is a way for us to clean out the parts drawer and give that stuff a new home and possibly find something you need in the process. If you're willing to participate in this fashion, come on in...otherwise please leave this thread for those interested.

    With the rules out of the way; here is what I've got to offer:

    1 Unopened pack of DR Lite Strings for a 12 String Acoustic.
    2 Unopened packs of plastic bridge pins (both include an endpin).
    1 set of MIM Tele Pickups. (Gone! Going to leopardstar)

    If you want one of these items, post your own offering, and email me (splendor AT gmail DOT com).

    And please email or PM me prior to posting if you're unsure of how this thread works.

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    SPAM References

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    Banana plug-to- female 1/4" jack adaptor.

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      i still have a tubescreamer T-S5 (ibanez) that i can't get to work, it lights up when you hit the pedal, but nothing comes out the bypass works, so maybe someone smarter than me can finger it out. i'm sure i got some other stuff around to, just tired right now, had a great rehersal to nigth tough

      sorry the phaser is gone from the earlier thread

      edit: the tubescreamer is gone to

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        Mint green SSS strat pickguard and trem cavity cover. Someone hacked a little around the neck so it would look best with a neck that has a 22nd fret extension to cover over the cut on area.

        Anyone interested will need to pay the shipping.

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          Cool idea....I've seen this done on other hobby type boards...one in particular they call "Pay it forward". be a good thread title methinks....
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            Strat w/b/w pickguard. The trem notch has been widened to fit a Floyd.


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              Two Strat pickguards - both SSS, one b/w/b and one w/b/w.


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                i have a couple extra instrument cables.shortys 3 ft
                good deals with scobro


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                  Fender Strat w/b/w hss pickguard & trem cover. You pay shipping.


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                    Originally posted by smurfco
                    Two Strat pickguards - both SSS, one b/w/b and one w/b/w.
                    interested in the b/w/b gaurd.
                    good deals with scobro


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                      Personally, I think that the person sending the item should pay for the shipping. Sure, it kind of sucks paying to get rid of something, but it makes it all the sweeter not having sent a cent to receive your free item.

                      That said, I love PIF threads and will look through my stuff tonight to see if I've got anything good enough to give.
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                        I've got some misc bass parts that I'd rather get rid of, a set of chrome tuners, a chrome bridge, and a p bass pickup that needs new leads. All of this is from an 80's yamaha. Shipping would be appreciated, but not necessary
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                          if its only a couple of dollars id be happy to pay to ship something out.
                          good deals with scobro


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                            I've got the neck humbucker w/ somewhat rusty gold cover from a jay turser LP copy.


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                              So when I suggest it be an only free stuff thread, I get reamed and insulted. But when Mazi comes in and says EXACTLY what I said, you guys bow down and praise him. Ridiculous.

                              Anyway, I've got a pair of Duncan Designed humbuckers (HB102, I think). They came out of a Schecter C-1 E/A. The leads are cut really short (they are 4 conductor) to about maybe an inch and half. I'm also not certain if they work otherwise. I could have just been wiring them wrong, but who knows. Maybe they need a repair, I don't know. Anyway, at the very least you could salvage the chrome covers from them (they do say Duncan Designed though, but maybe you could buff that out).

                              PM if anyone wants them. No guarantees if they work, but if you can tinker you might get a a decent set of humbuckers for free.