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Help me price my Kline Kramer Baretta

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  • Help me price my Kline Kramer Baretta


    Hello everybody,

    This is my 87 Kramer Baretta with the hand-painted celestial wizard mural by Kline. I am very sad to say it, but I am trying to sell this guy to fund some other purchases. My question to all of ya'll is what do you think a fair price would be to put on this guitar? The guitar is a great player and the electronics work great. Cosmetically, it has a couple dings on the side and one or two around the headstock, but nothing serious. Its also missing the knob for the volume pot. Other that that, its a great, all original specimen.



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    Does it come with a matching van?


    • harold heckuba
      harold heckuba commented
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      $300 maybe?

    • Butthouse_jones
      Butthouse_jones commented
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      No van, but I will include a can of hair spray.
      Thanks it's a really sick guitar.
      I was hoping to get more than $300 out of it, but It is really hard to price this thing. The market on 80s kramers has gone up recently (or so I've heard).