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Dragonfire Pickups? Anyone?

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    Thanks for the encouragement. I know $25 is really cheap, but I was curious if I went with the others if I might like that sound better, I really don't want to buy both sets and switch out pups that much. I do want some cleans, but I play mostly distorted. That neck isn't too hot, so I guess I could always just switch to it whenever I wanted the cleans.

    FWIW - Rose Pickups is taking pre-orders on the incoming Mariposa and Buff Beauty sets for not much more than that. I can tell you for sure the Rose pickups are much better than the dragonfires.

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      I like the "screamer" I put in the last Partscaster build I did. Plenty of definition, not muddy. Not shrill or thin. Quiet. Cleaned up nice rolling the volume knob down . Best turd pickups ever
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        Havnt tried that pup but i did have one of there active humbuckers in a partscaster. Great pickup for the money.


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          Money was tight, and I destroyed the Seymore Duncans in my strat, so I figured these would make a great stop gap pick up until cash funding got better..boy was I wrong!!!  These pick ups were FAR better than the Seymores I had in it, and these are the low end priced ones!!!!  They are loud, clean, and overall much better than I had ever expected. I actually plan to get the David Gilmore verson of these.

          I can't say enough about how impressed I am with these pick ups!!!!