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I'm and idiot! Help me open up this amp to change the tubes!


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  • I'm and idiot! Help me open up this amp to change the tubes!

    CrateVC2110R. Got some new tubes, have never been changed in 20 yrs.




    I thought the back panel would come off, but it dont. the 4 screws dropped the chassis, but it wont move over a 1/2" either way. I cant even see any tubes. So I put it back together before I stuck my finger in a cap or something and electrocuted myself, or tore something up. 

    How the heck do you get into this thing? 

    Manual is no help whatsoever.



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    It looks like the chassis could pull straight out the top. You might have to disconnect the speaker leads.


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      Are the tubes pointing towards the speaker?  I can't see them.


      • Pine Apple Slim
        Pine Apple Slim commented
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        Heck I couldnt see the tubes either. They must be jammed in there somewhere.

        It won't slide out the front, theres a transformer or something sticking out blocking it. Theres not enough room to slide it out the back either.

        Its looking like I may have to take off the front baffle. BUt I'd rather wait for someone whos done it and knows the trick so as to avoid extra work, unecc dissasembly, screwing something up, or electrocuting myself!





      • ugameus
        ugameus commented
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        Can you remove the speaker baffle?

      • Special J
        Special J commented
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        Probably have to take the baffle off? I have to do this on my Trace Elliot Tramp combo. Looks like there are a couple of screws on the side of the amp. Try removing those and see if the baffle will pop out. It might be set into a channel on the bottom. Disconnect the speaker leads first.