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Set up my music room (pics and clip)


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  • Set up my music room (pics and clip)

    I just set this room for home recording including basic minimal room treatment (i.e. the corners). I'm usually in a very tight dark part of another room and this is nice and bright. I got a few addition to the humble gear i had, most importantly decent near field monitors. Also a midi keyboard (I sent back the one in the pic and got a 37 keys one) with a nice sound library (JABB3).


    I recorded tracks to a tune I recorded with a friend. Originally it was just her singing and me playing the guitar. I added shakers, drums, bass, backing vocals (lol) and a modest attempt at piano. You'll notice that the tempo increases (should have first recorded to a click) and don't judge the mix just yet : it's not done at this point. In fact, anyone with suggestions for panning, EQ and whatever would be of great help.


    Here's the clip: http://soundclick.com/share.cfm?id=12431692


    Music room


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    Wow Richard that's a big space.   Wish I had so much room to spread out.  I'll listen to the clip later,  work blocks places like soundcloud and soundclick from playing so I can't listen here at work  Maybe in 12 or so hours 

    Originally Posted by Frets99
    I held one note through the whole thing and grimaced like I was being taken from behind by a camel.....

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      looks great mate... i have v drum  envy


      how are you finding the monitors?


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        very, very nice!!!

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          Hey JKATER,

          I always look forward to any of the music that you post. You really are a shining star amongst most that post music. Your stuff is always tastefully recorded and played.

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