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  • PRS SE Opinions?

    I recently bought Seymour Duncan Jazz, and JB humbuckers, with intentions of having them installed in my SG. I've fallen back in love with the sound of the stock 490R and 498T's, though, so I've decided not to replace them with the SD's.

    This left with me two new pickups, and no where to use them, so I've started considering buying another guitar to have them installed in. It wouldn't have to be the most expensive, or highest end guitar, just something affordable and cool. Basically I just want somewhere to use the pickups I bought, which I now have no use for otherwise.

    I've been looking around, and most of the mid-level guitars I've been looking at already come with Jazz and JB's stock, like Schecter's C-1 Classic, and quite a few different ESP LTD's.

    I was also looking into some different Epiphones, because my Epi LP Standard was a hell of a lot of fun. Lower end Gibsons (SG Special, specifically) have also crossed my mind.

    I recently came across the PRS SE guitars, though, and they really grabbed my attention. I've never been much of a fan of what I've heard from PRS guitars on recordings, but I've never actually played one, so I figured this would be the perfect opportunity to finally try one at an affordable price, and it would also give me a place to use the SD's.

    So I'm wondering if the PRS SE guitars are worth the $550 they cost new on Musician's Friend. Does anyone know if they're any good, and if they're at all similar to PRS' higher end guitars? Thanks in advance for any help.

    I'm considering the PRS SE Custom, and Standard, both with wrap around stoptail bridges, in transparent black, and flat black respectively.

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    No one's very opinionated today, apparently.


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      I kinda like the pickups that come stock on the SE customs, my friend's got one and it's got a pretty keen sound with the stock pups. Might be pretty tasty though if they've got the tone you're after.
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        I gave the SE line a spin at Guitar Center a while back. They played well and felt well made. The stock humbuckers certainly worked well enough for me... I wouldn't have been in any rush to swap them out if I would have bought one.

        I didn't buy one because I played an Ibanez SZ520 that just felt right to me. After a lot of playing, I passed on the PRS and picked up the SZ.

        The PRS SEs are great guitars though... I think you'd be more than happy with one. However, I think you might actually like the stock humbuckers- thus, still leaving you with your Jazz/JB combo.
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          I have played a few, very nice for the price, they don't come set up very well. I think you would like it, they are very nice looking guitars.
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            A while ago I was thinking about getting an SE. I really like how they look, but i've never played one. It seems to me that alot of people give them a luke-warm review. You never hear "I was blown away". Its always "they sound pretty good" or "they're a decent guitar". Because of that I shyied away from them. At least until I have a chance to play one.


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              I ususally play Gibson LP's and SG's but I've been wanting an LP type guitar that has a strat type trem in it. So I've been thinking about buying a PRS SE Custom. There don't seem to be that many affordable choices when it comes to buying a mahagony guitar with a set neck and non-bigsby trem. The American PRS's are just way to high priced unless you find a great deal on a used one.

              I've tried a bunch of them at Sam Ash and GC. They seem like great guitars to me. The only detail that bugs me is that big plastic nut. I read in the GC reviews that it's the casue of some tuning issues in relation to the trem and from what I can tell in the stores the complaints seem to be true, the guitar didn't seem to snap back into tune when I yanked on the trem. But a part like a nut is easily changed. If I buy one I'll probably take it right to my tech and have a bone nut installed.




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                The ones I tried were ok but they seemed TOO light. Almost felt like a toy to me. It seemed a good onstage jump or a wrong turn into your singer might snap it in two. I like a bit of weight to them...i mean not ridiculous but not like they are balsa wood. I REALLY am looking forward to the Singlecut SE. I hope it isnt as light as the Custom. I am glad I tried the Custom before ordering it because I was really into it before it was officially out. Now, I am not so sure...plus I didnt really care for the flat top.
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                  The SE pups sound fine, no need to swap out.

                  I'd look at getting a used, set neck Epi Les Paul to stick those things in. Would really bring it life and give you quality guitar with nice pups.

                  Another choice would be to get a Squier Strat with dual buckers and put them in that.

                  Stay away from the SG and LP Specials, total junk.
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                    Could you just return your SD pickups? Was there a no return policy? Or did you go and mess up the packaging?

                    These are very popular pickups. You might well find a forumite who'd take 'em for very little damage to your wallet.


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                      I have a PRS Santana SE that I'm very happy with. I put almost the same pickups in mine that you have, although mine is Seymour Duncan Jazz and Custom Custom. They sound really great in that guitar. I had them installed with two 3-way mini toggles for switching between series/parallel/single coil and it gave me a huge variety of tones to choose from. Also added Planet Wave locking tuners. I used it set up like that for a couple years, then recently decided to trick it out for use in ambient electronic music. I pulled the Jazz from the neck and installed a Sustainiac pickup system and a Roland GK2A guitar synth pickup that I use with a GR33. Now it's a whole different instrument - definitely gets me into Robert Fripp territory.

                      But overall, I think the SE line is quite excellent. Some of the new models are really beautiful, and an excellent buy for the money. There's an SE thread here on the forums that has a lot of very positive feedback about them.


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                        I'm extremely tempted to get one. I'm a Dimarzio guy, so I'm thinking I would install a Tone Zone and an Air Norton.
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                          I have owned an SE standard and and SE soapbar. Both superbly made instruments for the price. Plastic nut is no problem at all, on the stoptails, although it is usually a little sharp around the edges (easily sorted). The only things I would change are the Pickups which, certainly on the standard and the soapbar, were definately an area that PRS had saved money.
                          I also changed the tuners for grovers, which made a noticeable difference in tuning stability. The rest of the guitar is just fantastic.
                          I just love that nice wide, fat PRS neck too.


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                            i agree on the guitar being really light comment.

                            i had a Tremonti SE which was the lightest guitar ever. stock pups + electronics were crap (dont know bout the SE custom range thou)

                            i had a SD JB/59 combo in it and it was awesome...which was later replaced with a PRS HFS/Vintage bass combo...which was a HUGE Disapointment.
                            that guitar is gone now.

                            and i have a JB/Jazz combo in my CE24

                            i want that custom SE (pic) but dont want to pay the price ($1200AUS)
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                              im glad im not the only one who uses having spare pickups an excuse to buy a new guitar to put them in haha
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                              J0HanSolo's Youtube Gear Demos

                              Formerly known as HungPhat