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What an awesome little rig for $249


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  • What an awesome little rig for $249

    Micro Terror $149, used closed back cab w Celestion G12t-75- $100





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    HNAD! Yes!

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    • Pine Apple Slim
      Pine Apple Slim commented
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      Thanks! Got the MT about 3 wks ago, found the cab today. Ive been on an amp craze lately. Bought the little Micro T and fixed up a bunch of old stuff.

      Got my old 71 SF Bassman head up and running, new tubes and fixed cold soldier joint, new 4 ohm bass speaker to go in my old Carvin 1-15 cab to match.

      New tubes in my old VIntage Club 2110.

      New batteries in the old Hog 20.

      Now all I need is the footswitch fixed in my old Peavey Artist 240.

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    That looks awesome!
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