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Favorite non Fender Strat?


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  • Favorite non Fender Strat?

    I didn't say "best" on purpose, too subjective. I've owned a few Carvin Bolt kits and liked them well enough, but I picked up a Bolt Classic the other day that damn near pays itself. It's the Bolt that Carvin finishes and puts together for you versus you doing it yourself. I've always loved the Carvin ebony necks but found the Bolt necks super thin. This one has a much larger neck that fills my hand nicely and was ordered with real MOP block inlays. Looks nice with the satin black body, black pick guard and ebony fretboard. How about you?


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    For a traditional strat I like the Tokai from the early 80s.

    In a modern version I like the G&L Comanche.
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      Suhr. :smileythumbsupsmall:

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    PRS EG
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      The ones I build myself, by a long way.  That's the beauty of a strat or a tele, they were meant to mod.  We should all have one that's the perfect fit.

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    Lonnie99 wrote:



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      I think that Carvin might be my favourite too - I like the jazzmasterish block inlays on strats a lot.

      All four strats I have are non-fender .png" alt=":smileyhappy:" title="Smiley Happy" />

      This week, it's my most recent frankenbuild / refinish.

      Like it so much I had to make a themed strap for it too, just finished last night





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      I used to have a Fernandes that I got in the fall of '84. Great guitar.

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      Levinson Blade, the early Swiss made ones.

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