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Unpleasant Experience at Play It Again Music in Dayton

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  • Unpleasant Experience at Play It Again Music in Dayton

    I bought a guitar from them recently and just received it today. It was sold to me as mint and I'm sure I paid too much for it considering the condition. I asked specific questions over the phone as well and got a totally different guitar. The guitar has finish cracks and pretty bad fret sprout. Be cautious dealing with this seller. It is looking like this will be a sour experience since I used a bank debit card for the purchase over the phone and I have no protection with them.


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    Well, that sucks. Thanks for the "heads up". 

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    I'm not a dealer. I buy sell trade guitars for fun. I'm always looking for the right stuff for the jobs I do at my gigs. No more of a gear junkie than anyone else here.

    I work in a pawn shop doing web design and I liquidate things on eBay and gun broker (Dave's pawn shop in crossville - eBay name - davespawn) and play guitar in a pit orchestra at a local playhouse.

    I have no inventory and usually piece guitars apart to sell when have too much in them to get my money back. I don't make a profit on anything I sell. Once in a while I come out ahead on a trade.
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      Something does not smell right here.
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      • billybilly
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        OP, from what I can gather, (read the info on the other forum you posted), you're spending way to much energy on this.  I'm not saying who is right or wrong at all but clearly nobody is REALLY wrong either way.  That is, totally misleading or uncooperative.  I would have moved on a long time ago, life's too short to hold onto negative emotions.

        Do what you can and be done with it, that's my advice anyway.