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Gibson 339 neck vs Epi 339 neck ques


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  • Gibson 339 neck vs Epi 339 neck ques

    Anyone know the specs on the Epi 339 neck? Seems a bit chunckier than the 60's
    Gibson 339 neck?

    Extra credit: anyone know the specs ont he Gibson
    midtown neck? This one seems even thinner than the other 2

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    The Gibson came with either a 60s slim taper or a 59 rounded.

    The Epiphone has a slim D profile, so that should be just a bit more than the Gibson 60s slim taper.
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      I used to have a '92 Gibson ES335, with perhaps a chunkier 60s neck.


      My Epiphone 339 neck feels a bit more comfortable, as I recall my 335 anyway. I'd say it's like Gibson's 30/60 style. It's a bit thicker than my Gibson SG's neck, not much.

      For me, the Epiphone 339 neck is  "just right". Amazing for a $400 guitar.


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        The epi 339 is definitely thicker than a gibson 60s thin taper, probably not quite as chunky as a gibson 59.