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  • D'angelico EX-DC?

    Anybody have any experience with the 335-like D'angelico EX-DC? It's looks pretty cool and is priced around $1,300. The only possible down side are the Ken Armstrong pickups? Great reviews in all the mags. I'd post a picture but I'm computer handicaped in such things. Anyone else want to post a photo?

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    BeanoBoy wrote:

    Great reviews in all the mags.

    That tends to happen when a guitar company buys the back cover ad slot several months running.

    Early reviews on the net say these are middle-of-the-road Korean guitars. Not bad, but not worth paying a premium for.


    • BeanoBoy
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      Editing a comment

      Most reviews I've read compare the Korean models to the "Golden Era" of D'angelico. It's a no brainer $1,300 won't buy the quality of the original icons. The question is, Is it worth $1,300 or is it a hype on the name "D'angelico". I own an Xaviere, which is cool for lo-fi, fun stuff but at $300 and a pickup swap is probably far below the Korean D'angelico in terms of nuance and inspiration. I've tried the Epis , Hagstroms etc. and while better than the Xaviere, are still far below any Gibson 335 I've played. I suspect the D'angelico is probably better than those lines. Most reviews, especially the "ad-driven" reviews of the mags, rave about the attention to detail in the overall build. The Ken Armstrong pickups, to me, appear to be a possible weak link. Admittedly, I don't know much about the Ken Armstrong pickup line. As I enjoy swapping pickups ( my recent Wolfetone Dr. Vintage discovery was a revelation!), it wouldn't be a deal breaker. I guess I'll wait until January, when I move to Bradenton, Florida, and hopefully be able to demo one in either Sam Ash or Guitar Center.