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Gould guitars?


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  • Gould guitars?

    anyone know anything about gould guitars?

    i saw an sg copy by them for

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    Are you sure it wasn't a Guild? They made an SG style guitar in the '70s, the S100, that was reissued in recent years.
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      Nah, Gould is a current Chinese(?) made budget brand. I have played a couple out of curiosity. I liked the Stormbird, their non-reverse Firebird copy, but the SGs I tried, the ones with 2HBs and a Bigbsy knockoff trem, were very so-so. Never tried this one though.
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        that's the one i like!

        i'm gonna give it a go.

        it looks cool and isn't expensive, just thought i'd ask if anyone knoew anything about them.
        i'll prolly replace the p90 with a humbucker though.


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          Looks almost exactly like a jay turser

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            Maybe "Gould" is to "Guild" as "Givson" is to "Gibson".
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              Yes, another "your name here" guitar from the faceless Chinese factory that brings us Jay Turser, Sanatoga and many others. Im sure with a new pickup, tuners, shielding, a custom pickguard, a fret level, and a can of mojo, the Gould would be just as good as a Givson! Only guitars with the little pink, circular inspected by S.C. Hong sticker will be good ones though, that C.Y. Moon guy just doesnt know his stuff!


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                Andrew clements makes GOULD guitars about 5 miles from my house. He lives in GOULD Quebec Canada. They are sweet custom jobs played by some big names..michel pagliaro, brian greenway has a few.they are well made and feel great.last time i was in his shop he has a nice big pile of flamed maple.
                If you are looking for a little more high end custom job.look up Brian Money or Montey Guitars.youll recognize the names of people playing Montey Guitars.they cost a little more but worth twice the price. Brian has also been going through some health issues,you may not have long to grab up one of his gems.
                You can tell by the machine head if its a GOULD guitar from GOULD Quebec.andrew is easy enough to contact.


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                  I worked for Gould Chesapeake Instrument Division in the late '70's.



                  But the instruments we made weren't guitars, they were towed hydrophone arrays.